ADCASE - The build-in airbag phone case for your iPhone

ADCASE - The build-in airbag phone case for your iPhone - Storming Gravity


Protecting our smartphone with a case is a no-brainer for all the smartphone users. The reality is, do cell phone cases really protect our phones from damage?

The AD (active dampening) phone case patented by a German student - Philip Phanzel, it works like an airbag with spring protection for your iPhone.



This phone case for iPhone models 6 and up (it protrudes just 4.9 mm from the back of the phone) that's equipped with sensors that detects when the phone is dropping, where it automatically trigger pairs of metal-spring curled dampers to pop out from each corner of the case before it hits the ground.




There are eight springs in total which pop out from each corner of the phone which can be manually pushed back under the phone case. It’s undeniably the coolest way to protect your smartphone and you could soon have one!

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