Review of Evergoods Civic Access Pouch 1L

Review of Evergoods Civic Access Pouch 1L - Storming Gravity


Evergoods dipped their toes into mirky waters with the Civic Access Pouch 2L (CAP2L), trying to face giants that has already marked their placed in the EDC faรงade. To their surprise, it immediately turned into a crowd favorite upon reaching their customersโ€™ hands. So much so that it attracted the attention of Taylor Weldon, the senior editor of Carryology. And with that they made a limited run of it with the revered VX42 fabric, codename the Phoenix Egg. It was a phenomenon that was worthy of praise.

The fanfare that it developed drove them back to their drawing boards, striving to pattern their next big hit. Thereafter, came the Civic Access Pouch 1L, dubbed CAP1L. Itโ€™s the latest offering from the dynamic duo, freshly brewed from the integral minds of Kevin and Jack, the powerhouses behind the Bozeman-based company. Is it worthy of the hype? Letโ€™s dive right in with our scalpels ready.

*EDC โ€“ Every-Day Carry


  1. Anyone looking to organize their gear yet not favoring the bulk that other pouches offer.
  2. Carry enthusiasts looking for a versatile pouch to add to their collection, as I donโ€™t see it as a do-it-all pouch.


โ— Volume: 1L
โ— Weight: .5 lbs
โ— Dimensions: 10 x .75 x 5.75 in


The CAP1L boast similar core aesthetics to its siblings, the CAP2L and the MHP3.5, bringing it real close to home. It sports a contemporary design, with its streamline and seamless aesthetics, unassuming unless under discerning eyes. And thatโ€™s why we love Evergoodsโ€™ offerings isnโ€™t it? They get the job done without being too loud. Remaining subdued and unobtrusive yet draped in quality and finesse from the makerโ€™s craftmanship. It really is the pinnacle of design and quality. And with looks like that, Iโ€™m positive itโ€™ll stand the test of time.

It also has a carry strap with sewn in loop ends, and that makes it charm when getting it out from the bag as it provides latch points for your fingers to grab it. The loop end also fits a carabiner for those that are ambitious enough to attach it to the exterior of their pack.

*Colors available: Black, Navy, Burnt Orange


420 high tenacity 6,6 Nylon

The CAP1Lโ€™s fabric is both relentless and unique; durable yet remaining functional. It has a proprietary high tenacity nylon fabric that challenges even the likes of Cordura. This particular variant of their fabric is used throughout their Mountain line of packs as well as their pouch offerings, and it comes in several colors too. It sports a 420d HT nylon 6,6 with PU coating. Evergoodsโ€™ standards when it comes to fabrics are yet to be rivaled so one can definitely rely on their expertise when it comes to quality textiles.

The 6,6 numberings equate to having a face fabric with equal yarns in the warp and weft of the fabric, the blend of a perfectly balanced weave. Discerning fingers would be able to tell the dissimilarity from common nylon fabrics in a heartbeat. One should note that this fabric is different from their 500D offerings on their civic line of backpacks, as those are textured nylons. Those have undergone an air-jet-texturing process, giving it a more matted appearance, also enhancing the abrasion resistance of the fabric. However, the one thing going against the 500D variant is that it has the reputation of attracting dust, lint, and the occasional dog fur due to its textured surface. I would personally find this 420d offering a more lucrative offer, as it maintains the balanced weave of the 500d, meaning you still get that dense feel in your hands, yet not compromising on the appearance as it tends to look neater after longer commutes. It does complement the usage of the pouch perfectly I would say, as it priorities a good in-hand feel over abrasion resistance, which is not imperative for this pouch since it would be resting inside our packs most of the time.

YKK zippers

The CAP1L utilizes zippers from renowned Japanese manufacturer, YKK, situated in the highlands of the Toyama Prefecture. They are trusted internationally for their impeccable production standards and thorough quality control processes for their industrial grade zippers. The zippers used in the pouch, are of a smaller size, #5RC, as they minimize the bulk of the pouch, creating a more seamless experience when interacting with it. They are coated with a DWR finish, otherwise known as a durable water repellency finish in the outdoor and textiles industry. This is a chemical finish applied to fabrics during the finishing process to repel water, offering the zippers additional protection from the elements.


The main inner fabric is constructed from a proprietary mesh that Evergoods uses for their backpacks. The mesh used in all Evergoodsโ€™ products are remarkable, one of the best Iโ€™ve seen available in the market today. They have a certain thickness and stiffness to it, differentiating them from more generic companies. This gives it a sense of strength, exerting confidence that itโ€™ll be able to withstand the wears and tears of everyday use.


The outer shell of the pouch is fitted with a 5x5 Velcro patch with the Evergoods logo imprinted on it. This is a rather unconventional size for a Velcro patch, but itโ€™ll be able to fit most patches, albeit an imperfect fit. And because of the presence of velcro, thereโ€™s a myriad of patches that can be attached to it, customizable to fit your indulgent needs. For a more ideal fit, one can simply purchase the glow-in-the-dark patches from Evergoods. It adds extra visibility in low light conditions, perfect for anyone thatโ€™s constantly in dimly lit situations.


And of course, the best thing about the CAP1L is none other than theโ€ฆMAGNETS. They are a miraculous addition to good soft products, exerting a luxurious and frictionless feel through and through. They give an easy access to the CAP1L, with no velcro to menace delicate yarns. And I have to say, looking at the implementation of the magnets here, I was skeptical about the strength and usability of it. But after handling the CAP1L for the past 4 weeks, I can confidently report that thereโ€™s no issues whatsoever in opening and closing this pouch. The closure is secure with enough resistance to avoid accidental unfastening of the pouch upon occasional bumps. And when it's all packed up, the low profile makes it easy to slip in and out of whichever bag oneโ€™s carrying. It really is that good!


The organization of this pouch is rather fascinating, its lays perfectly flat when not in use, but fits a sizable amount of stuff when deployed. I purchased this with the intent of using it as a camera kit and it performed exceedingly well. Plenty of space and organization for memory cards, extra batteries, and other camera stuff. I think it's important to note that this pouch was never billed as a tech pouch and users should carefully assess their use case before purchasing this product. Bulkier items could fare a bit of a challenge when oneโ€™s trying to close the pouch while flatter items fit perfectly in the slots and pockets provided.

When fileted open, the pouch has 2 compartments guarded by #5RC YKK zippers. Letโ€™s start with the side where the Evergoods info label is fitted. It sports 2 sections when zippered open, one where the mesh is covering, and the other divided by a single piece of 210D lining fabric. These compartments are able to hold a handful of items such as a Macbook Pro Charger, wires, and an airpods.

The other main compartment is fitted with 3 pockets instead โ€“ 2 pockets for the front mesh compartment and one large, cavernous pocket behind that. Out of the 2 front mesh pockets, the smaller sized one is perfect for storing memory cards, keeping it from rummaging with other electronics; the bigger sized pocket is where I normally store medications that I might need for the day or trip.

The back pocket is ideal for larger sized items such as a hard-disk. There is also a pen slot located in the middle of the pouch, between the 2 main compartments, perfect for pens or apple pencils.

When packed obsessively, this pouch holds its intended items with ease while keeping a relatively small footprint. So much so that I might just lean towards this over the CAP2L when space is really of essence.

I can picture a pouch like this serving as a stationery kit, cable organiser, minimalist first aid kit, and even an on-the-go makeup bag for the ladies. Definitely a versatile piece and I am thrilled to have this in my collection.



1. Craftsmanship and design are top notch.
2. Takes up relatively less spaced when compared to other pouches in the market, yet still able to fit a sizeable amount of stuff.


1. Not the best option if one intends to make it a dedicated tech pouch, as it doesnโ€™t hold bulkier items with ease.
2. For the volume it provides, the weight overhead may not be worthwhile to some. Often the drawback when higher quality textiles are used.


The wizards at Evergoods have done it again, knocking it out of the ballpark with the CAP1L. This pouch has exceeded my expectations, through and through. Evergoods consistently delivers on the products, and I am utterly impressed to say the least. For someone that constantly switches between bags, I find it a joy to have the CAP1L around, readily available in my arsenal of pouches. It really set the standards for how pouches should be, versatile and functional. Having tried multiple pouches in my years of carry, I can confidently say this is one of the best pouches I've used thus far. This compact pouch is a treat to use and fits perfectly in a multitude of scenarios. Bid your last goodbyes to the frustration of rummaging your gear in your pack, cause the CAP1L is here to stay.

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