Heimplanet Transit Backpack 24L VS 28L(V2): Hot-Blooded Sibling Rivalry

Heimplanet Transit Backpack 24L VS 28L(V2): Hot-Blooded Sibling Rivalry - Storming Gravity


Heimat [ˈhaimaːt] [Home], a word German natives often utter beneath their breath as they recall the chronicles of their past; it narrates the tales of their homeland, a place that brings them a sense of belonging, a sense of home. And that was how (Heim)planet came to be, from an idea that sprung when 2 German men were pitching a tent along the coastline of Portugal - an idea of having home close to heart, whilst wandering the province of nature.

For the past decade, the German-based brand Heimplanet have been on a mission to craft instruments that not only last a lifetime, but bring a remanence of home, no matter where your adventures bring you. Dedicated in their endeavors to halt the change in global climate, the founders took a pledge to look after our homeland in their attempt to craft the ideal gear we would use to roam it; ones that would last a lifetime, in a bid to combat the waste of resources.

Their journey began a decade ago, yet they have not weakened in their spirits to protect the Earth we call home (heimat). And since then, the German-based company has introduced a whole range of products, all meticulously designed for specific purposes. The merge of the best technical features available combined with a simple and streamline design results in versatile products that are apt for every trip and every day, wherever you go.

Through years of field work, they realized that their expertise could be used to obtain better-sourced fabrics, fairer working conditions, cleaner production routes and more thoughtful designs. People often say quality is about meeting expectations but why just meet them when you can exceed them? Heimplanet is invested in refining their products till there is nothing left to improve. And the Transit 24L and 28L are exceptional examples of what Heimplanet values – refinement and simplicity. But, the question is - can one surpass the other?


Weight: 1,0 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 50 x 30 x 18cm


Weight: 1,45 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 50 x 32 x 19 cm



1. Anyone in search of a bag that’s able to swift through the hustle and bustle of the city, and through the transit of the subways.
2. Those that are inclined towards more minimal carry, with some smart and intuitive organizational layout to boost.
3. People that favor a more streamlined look to their carry option, steering clear of unwarranted attention.
4. Office carry made easy with an intuitive organizational layout and a subdued look.



1. Anyone in the market for a well-constructed and cleverly designed carry-on bag and appreciates the Transit Line's effective internal arrangement and compartmentalization.
2. The Transit Line's clamshell design is ideal for visibility and accessibility if one prefers easy packing, especially for weekend trips.
3. Works well as an oversized EDC bag for people with a larger frame, much like the Alpha One Niner’s Pathfinder or Able Carry’s Max backpack.


Armed with the gray man’s intuition, both the variants (24L and 28L) are able to blend into a myriad of environment, ones I would dub the urban chameleons. It looks seemingly unobtrusive yet packs a punch when it comes to its functionality / usability. The conventional look of backpack, coupled with the texture of their proprietary DYECOSHELL fabric, makes for a stunner of a bag.

The bags come in 2 colorways, their Castlerock, which is more of slate gray with a dark undertone, and Black, which is just a plain deep black. I’m personally a fan of the black, which contrasts nicely with the imprinted reflective logo! What’s unique about the DYECOSHELL fabric is that it has the same airbrush finish as Cordura fabrics, which gives them a matte appearance. Their airbrush technique also gives it a cotton-canvas hand feel, a tasteful treat for both the eyes and discerning fingers!

I have taken these bags to my office as well as some weekend trips to the suburbs with my friends, and not once did I feel like they were out of place! Kudos to the team for executing such a contemporary design, in addition to a multitude of functional features.

24L – In a sea of daypacks, the Transit 24L still manages to differentiate themselves from a competitive crowd. Although not differing much from the primal formula of a backpack, the aesthetics still feels refreshing, especially with their use of clean lines and innovative materials and hardware. The outline and size of the 24L fits perfectly in any office or corporate setting which requires you to dress up. Over the past month, I have gravitated towards this bag for most occasions which did not require me to pack an overnight load. Be it a photography-related job, or just bringing it for grocery runs, the 24L works like a charm!

However, when not fully packed, there’s usually a dimpling effect seen on the top of the bag. Not a major issue, just a personal gripe of mine.

SCORE: 8/10

28L – The main difference in regard to the outer aesthetic, when compared to the Transit 24L, is the addition of non-detachable compression straps, as well a stretch water-bottle pocket on the right side. Apart from that, it also sports an additional vertical quick access pocket above the horizontal pocket up front. There are also additional load lifters on both the shoulder straps, which is justified since it is a larger pack by comparison.

The compression straps on both the left and right side of the bag doesn’t really do much in terms of functionality, since its placed only at the lower portion of the bag. However, there are Hypalon latch points to add additional compression straps which are sold separately if one wishes to further compress the upper section of the bag, a little questionable in regard to its usability standpoint. I would rather opt for the compression straps to be either both removable, or completely attached, since it doesn’t make since to make it how they’ve configured it.

SCORE: 7.5/10


I found the overall comfort of the bag to be phenomenal. The straps are wide and lightly padded with dense foam, bestowing the user a pleasant experience on every interaction. The harness system on the Transit line has got to be one of the major highlights, definitely a worthy contender to the likes of Mystery Ranch, Evergoods or even GoRuck!

I would always be so enthralled by how the weight seemingly disappears the moment it’s mounted on my shoulder. And I carry quite a heavy loadout on most days - a camera cube with an a7iii with 2 lenses, a ring flash, an iPad Pro 11’, a MacBook Pro 13’, and an Evergoods CAP1L for my cables and accessories, yet it doesn’t weigh on my back at all!

The back of the Transit Packs feature a nicely designed foam padding that looks unique but doesn’t offer much in terms of ventilation. The bag was tested in the humid terrains of Malaysia, so any help with ventilation would be much appreciated. And unfortunately, I must report that a sweaty back is very much a problem with this bag, at least in my period of testing it.

24L – the 24L has a much simpler harness system compared to its bigger siblings. But don’t let that deceive you, they are mighty comfy! It allows you to either wear it up high, or down low since there's no load lifter to limit how you wear it. Some would say it’s a negative to not have load lifters, but I’m honestly a fan of its implementation. Given that it’s a 24L bag, the load lifters wouldn’t be doing it much justice anyways. If a heavier load up is carried, and the shoulder straps start to feel uncomfortable, fret not, cause additional waist belts are available (sold separately) to distribute the weight more efficiently.

SCORE: 8.5/10

28L - the included load lifters are overall more justifiable with the 28L, since it has a larger capacity. It helps distribute the weight better and the removable waist belt helps secure the bag on your body and further enhances the weight distribution. Perfect for weekend trips or overnighters!

SCORE: 9/10



The materials are outstanding across the board. Hand feel and their sustainability measures, simply unbeatable.

Heimplanet went an extra mile to create a unique in-house fabric, codenamed DYECOSHELL. For this iteration, they have gone with a 840-denier nylon face fabric that’s textured due to its airbrush finish, relative to ballistic nylon, which is shinier in comparison. It’s really soft to the touch, giving it a cotton-canvas, heritage hand feel. And to top that off, their DYECOSHELL is made sustainably using a dope-dyed nylon. Such fabric allows a company to save tons of water, reduce CO2 emission, save energy and reduce the use of chemicals thanks to the special process of adding colorant to the polymer melt during spinning instead of after the fabric is made. Not only extremely sustainable, but the fabric also has excellent water and abrasion resistant properties. During my period of testing, it has held up exceeding well in day-to-day use.

I am a huge fan of the DYECOSHELL fabric. It's all in all a remarkable innovation, not just because of its durability, but also due to measures they’ve taken to make certain its sustainable for the long term.

Inner shell – 300D Polyester lining

Both the iterations of the Transit Line share the same inner lining fabric – a 300D x 150D polyester lining that is dyed using the more conventional fabric dyeing method. 300 denier is certainly sufficient for fabrics used inside the bag. What I love about it, it’s that Heimplanet went an extra mile (again) to have the fabric printed with, what I would imagine as, graphics of their first product in their catalog – The Cave, an inflatable tent. It really is beautiful, especially when the light catches on it, it glimmers just a little.

Hardware –

The hardware used throughout is great too, from industry leading YKK zippers to custom-made metal hardware. This helps to reinforce confidence in the bag especially in terms of its durability.

Heimplanet utilizes zippers from renowned Japanese manufacturer, YKK, which is situated in the highlands of the Toyama Prefecture. They are entrusted internationally for their impeccable production standards and thorough quality control processes for their industrial grade zippers.

The zippers used are a combination of #10, #8 and also #5 Reversed Coiled YKK "Water-Resistant" Zippers throughout the exteriors of the pack. Beefy #10 YKK zippers are utilized for the main clamshell opening zipper for both the variants (24L and 28L), befitting its purpose, since that is the most interacted piece of hardware on the bag. The only difference separating the two are the #10YKKs on the 28L Transit are lockable while the ones of the 24L aren’t.

A #8RC YKK zipper lines the second half clamshell opening zipper just in front of the main #10YKK on the 28L variant, and these are lockable too. A super handy addition especially if you’re transiting through airports, or scouring a new city whilst traveling.

#5RC YKK zippers line the other quick access pocket on both the 24L and 28L, all sturdy and capable of resisting the occasional light shower while transiting from work.

My favorite part about these zippers are the custom-made, ‘Heimplanet’ etched metal zipper pulls attached. Every interaction with the zippers is a joyful experience in its own, really satisfied with the way they’ve implemented it!


The organization is just right!



The external of the pack sports 2 quick access compartments, one bigger, and the other one smaller. The front facing quick stash pocket is lined with a vertical #5RC YKK zipper with a Hypalon zipper garage at the end to help keep the opening sealed when shut. It is able to fit a sizable number of items, namely the Carryology x Heroclip Seigaiha Stealth carabiner, a pair of sunglasses and my Greenroom136 Pocketbook Slim. I’ve always been an advocate for liter-independent compartments in any given bag. What this means is that the compartments in a bag aren’t fighting for volume when you pack them out. This applies for Transit 24L and 28L’s front pockets. Filling out the main compartment has never fed into other quick access pockets. The second quick access pocket is situated on the left side of the pack, just the right size for a pair of keys and an Airpod, and nothing more.


When the clamshell opening is zippered open, you’ll be greeted with 2 zippered pockets on the front face of the clamshell, one opaque pocket for more sensitive items like a passport or loose cash while traveling; and another mesh pocket for loose wires or a charging brick, or smaller and flatter pouches!

On the inner capacity of the clamshell, there’s a laptop sleeve that has sideways-facing stretchy liner pockets that are surprisingly spacious. There are also two stretch pen pockets in between the larger ones . The laptop sleeve is fitted horizontally, secured with a Velcro strap, similar to how they’ve implemented it on the Evergoods CPL24.

Apart from the main clamshell opening, there’s also a side opening that grants quick access to the laptop sleeve along with the stretch pockets inside. Theoretically, you have the best of both worlds with this: a clamshell opening for simple packing and a side opening for immediate access while you're on the go. In actuality, though, it doesn't really fit with the interior organization, especially when the bag is fully packed out. The contents of the bag tend to impinge on the stretch pockets, making retrieving these items from the pockets a minor hassle.

I guess you’ve figured out the recurring theme with the 24L, their sideways orientation means items won’t fall out when you have the bag on a rolling luggage. And it makes accessing the contents of the bag an ease when it's on-body with a simple swing to the left!

SCORE: 6/10

28L –

Externally, there are 2 zipped quick stash pockets at your disposal and also a number of Hypalon loop points that can be utilized to secure things outside the bag, the caveat being that the straps are sold separately. These pockets are mighty spacious, and are able to eat up just about anything you throw at it. Pouches and wallets will fit without a hassle. The addition of a single water bottle pocket on the right side of the pack gives the bag an interesting asymmetrical shape, a functional upgrade that’s absent on the 24L variant.

There are 2 main zippers to access the cavernous capacity of the pack – one #10YKK and another #8YKK. Both these zippers open into the same compartment, which happened to be divided by what I would call a ‘sectioning wall’, one that is easily zippered open and can be tucked away under a sleeve at the base of the pack.

This wall separates the main capacity into 2 compartments: one for tech organization and the other as a clothes compartment. Really a treat whenever you’re travelling.

The tech compartment is accessible through a #10YKK zipper and opens wide into a complete clamshell. Attached to the back features a nicely padded and suspended 15 inch vertical laptop compartment guarded by a Velcro strap and a number of pockets and small compartments so it’s easy for one to stay organized. The sectioning wall facing the tech compartment comes with 2 large stretch pocket which are guarded by #5YKK zippers, large enough to store a film camera as well as some snacks.

The clothes compartment is a half clamshell opening section, due to the presence of a water bottle compartment. This section is devoid of any organization, ideal for fitting a Peak Design or GoRuck packing cubes. On some occasions, I’ve used it as a makeshift camera bag, fitting camera cubes and pouch organizers into this compartment. And it has worked like a charm!

Where this bag truly shines, is as a makeshift one-bag traveler. Surprisingly, the Transit 28L ticks almost all the boxes one could imagine for an ideal travel pack. Clamshell opening makes loading things in and out complete and utter joy and the 28L utilizes just this! A side handle is readily available for convenient brief-mode carry, or for when you need to grab the bag out of the overhead bin in airlines. There’s also the presence of an external water bottle which is made of the same stretch fabric that Evergoods utilizes. It’s able to accommodate larger water bottles and is barely noticeable when empty. Everything I could possibly ask for in travel bags are spacious quick access pockets. They are a simply a Godsent especially when you’re running through TSA or when you’re on a flight. One quick access pocket on top of the bag and a front stash pocket to store my most often used goods without having to open the bags' interior compartments are exactly what I need!

The ability to tuck away the sectioning wall, making the bag a single compartment bag, is blissful whenever you need to maximize the capacity of the bag!

SCORE: 8.5/10


Pros –

1. The implementation of innovative materials that are not only sustainable, but plenty durable. And it gives the user confidence that this would be a bag that could last a lifetime.
2. Balanced and useful built-in organization with spacious external access and somewhat configurable internal organization, especially for the Transit 28L.
3. Built-in strap keeper system creates a dangle free experience
4. Clamshell opening allows for easy packing & organization.
5. 3 dimensionally ready pockets provides litre independency when in use and lays flat when not in use.

Cons –

1. The Hypalon loop points are a little finicky, especially if you need to remove or adjust the sternum strap or the waist strap.
2. The slanted bottom means you can forget about the stand pack standing by itself and will definitely topple over. This can be easily rectified by simply getting used to leaning it against the wall/furniture, but its just extra hassle to have to keep that in mind.


24L –

1. The side quick-access pocket is a bit too shallow for wallets or a larger sized phone. Only airpods and keys can sit comfortably inside.
2. The side handle, although a nice addition, lacks reinforcement which creates sag. Definitely not a pleasant site.
3. The side access to most interior pockets that are attached to the laptop sleeve, makes for a very frictionful experience.
4. The occasional dimpling on the top of the bag when it's not packed out.

28L –
1. The implementation of the compression straps (bottom only), are a little confusing since they don't cinch the bag as tightly as I would like it to.


It has been a joyful experience during my period of testing both the Transit 24L and 28L. Each of them have excelled in their intended use case. Equipped with organization that’s smart, thoughtful, sustainable materials, a technically durable build albeit looking rather conventional, this bag really shines in all occasions – be it business trips or outdoor adventures, they can definitely hold their own. Striking such a delicate balance is no small feat and Heimplanet nailed it.

Despite some fierce competition and very intriguing alternatives, Heimplanet's offerings remain a strong contender for anyone who is in the market for a versatile and comfortable daypack or even a travel bag.

At the end of the day, your cash is your vote towards the change you want to see in the world; towards a more sustainable future, one that would preserve our homeland, for generations to come.

Click here to check the 24L

Click here to check the 28L

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