Vinaera Travel - Compact & Portable Wine Aerator

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Colour: Red
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Weight: 125g
Main Bod: L95.5mm x W47.5mm x H109.5mm
Telescoping Stainless Tube: L127~265mm
Color / Finish: White, Black, Red, Blue / Glossy
Material: ABS, Silicone Rubber, Stainless, Pump, Solenoid Valve
Power / Voltage / Current: 1.8W / 6V / 300mA
Country of Original: Design in Taiwan / Made in China (Taiwanese owned factory)
Certification: RoHS, CE, JFSL, FCC, FDA (Food Safe), IPX6, GB4706.1 2005
This product can be used with 99% red wine bottles. (May not be compatible with wine bottles that have unusual mouth diameters or shapes)
Patent: TW Pat.I339704、JP Pat.4758403、US Pat.7882986、EP Pat.2030943、 CN Pat.ZL200710130376.4

The World's Smallest Portable Electric Wine Aerator!

The wine require decanting to "breathe" and release its full-body and multi-layer aroma. However, in real life, whenever we meet with friends, dining or camping, we often don't have the time to wait it until it's fully aerated. Therefore, Vinaera Travel is born

Vinaera Travel version is not only the world's smallest aerator with a waterproof case, it is also a perfect companion while you are joining gatherings or parties. Vinaera combines the traditional decanting technique with patented technology to bring a revolution in aeration devices.

Innovation in Traditional Decanting Wine

Vinaera Travel allows you to quickly and easily enjoy the full flavors of the wine of your choice



The effect is the same as the glass decanter

One touch Instant decanting

Carrying case

IPx6 grade waterproof, Easy to cleaning

The world’s smallest

Different colors for choice


Instantly aerate wine with no waiting times required

The patented design of our "Integrated air pump with its solenoid valve" not only saves time, but also helps us create the world's smallest and waterproof portable electric aerator.

With the simple pressing of a button, your wine of choice is instantly aerated, which immediately saves you up to 45-60 minutes of waiting time required for decanting with a traditional decanter. This decanting effect of Vinaera Travel is suitable for young wine between 3-7 years of age as well as 80% of red wine.

Vinaera Uses a Patented Design to Force the Perfect Amount of Air Into the Wine

This is a sophisticated, all new wine aerator which is designed to serve the perfect amount of aerated wine with the simple press of a button.

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