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OstrichPillow Light Versatile Pillow - Storming GravityOstrichPillow Light Versatile Pillow - Storming Gravity
Memory Foam Bed Pillow - Storming GravityMemory Foam Bed Pillow - Storming Gravity
OstrichPillow Original Napping Pillow - Storming GravityOstrichPillow Original Napping Pillow - Storming Gravity
OSTRICHPILLOW® - Storming Gravity

Brand story

It all started with a dream, as so often happens with unexpected revolutions. Back in 2012, the world was suffering from a serious sleep deprivation. A clever device that would allow people to rest where they wanted, when they wanted to, needed to be invented.

That’s precisely how, empowered by the energy of a crowd, our beloved ORIGINAL was born, giving rise to a happy family of feel-good products that have been turning heads internationally since then, taking care of utopian dreamers all over the world.