Smile Makers


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Smile Makers - Storming Gravity

Our Mission is to Normalise the Perception of Female Sexuality

Bringing together women and men coming from Singapore, Sweden, Indonesia, France, Taiwan, the U.K., Chinaโ€ฆ, our team is as diverse as it gets. What unites us is our determination to break taboos around female sexuality and foster a global, pleasure-positive and light-hearted conversation about sex!

We bring sex out in the open

Sex is a natural and enjoyable part of life, and should be treated as such. From the get-go, we decided that our sensual products for women should be sold only in mainstream retailers, never in sex shops!

We create the best sensual products for women

We tailor our products to your needs and desires, with insights from thousands of women all over the world. We also keep on improving our existing products based on your feedback.