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All-Terrain Lite - Lightweight and Packable SneakerAll-Terrain Lite - Lightweight and Packable Sneaker
All-Terrain - Sneaker for Any Type of JourneyAll-Terrain - Sneaker for Any Type of Journey
All-Terrain X - Sneaker for Extreme AdventuresAll-Terrain X - Sneaker for Extreme Adventures
NS60 Waterproof & Windproof Jacket for 0-15ºCNS60 Waterproof & Windproof Jacket for 0-15ºC
ProTravel™ Rain ShellProTravel™ Rain Shell
Canyon HDry®Canyon HDry®
Canyon HDry® Sale priceRM799.00
Lift 40L Rollerbag LuggageLift 40L Rollerbag Luggage
Nook 14-34L BackpackNook 14-34L Backpack
Nook Micro PouchNook Micro Pouch
Nook Micro Pouch Sale priceRM139.00
Nook Soft-Lined PouchNook Soft-Lined Pouch
Nook Pouch 2LNook Pouch 2L
Nook Pouch 2L Sale priceRM279.00
Sealed Laundry BagSealed Laundry Bag
Sealed Laundry Bag Sale priceRM389.00
Roll-Up Toiletry BagRoll-Up Toiletry Bag
Shelter 30-66L BackpackShelter 30-66L Backpack
Waterproof Daypack 12LWaterproof Daypack 12L
Core TeeCore Tee
Core Tee Sale priceRM199.00
ProTravel TeeProTravel Tee
ProTravel Tee Sale priceRM269.00
Tropicfeel Dune - Urban Explorer SneakerTropicfeel Dune - Urban Explorer Sneaker
Zip-Off Pant - Adjustable Waist & Length ProTravel Pants - Storming Gravitytropicfeel-zip-off-pants-men-black
Sold out
TropicFeel Smart Packing Cube 10L - Storming GravityTropicFeel Smart Packing Cube 10L - Storming Gravity
Tropicfeel Geyser HDry - 4-in-1 All-terrain SneakerTropicfeel Geyser HDry - 4-in-1 All-terrain Sneaker
Tropicfeel Geyser HDry - 4-in-1 All-terrain Sneaker Sale priceFrom RM499.00 Regular priceRM639.00
Tropicfeel Nest - the everyday adventure backpackTropicfeel Nest - the everyday adventure backpack
On sale
NS40 Light & Waterproof Jacket for 15-25ºCTropicfeel NS40 - The All-Possible Travel Jacket - Storming Gravity
NS40 Light & Waterproof Jacket for 15-25ºC Sale priceFrom RM499.00 Regular priceRM769.00
Tropicfeel Lava - All-terrain, Reinforced sneakertropicfeel-lava-core-black
TropicFeel - Storming Gravity