evaCHILL - Personal Air Cooler

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evaCHILL - Personal Air Cooler - Evapolar in Malaysia - Storming Gravity

evaCHILL - Personal Air Cooler


ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)

Pickup available at ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)
Unit 11, Level 3, No. 972, Batu 6 1/2, Jalan Ipoh, EcoSky Commercial Building 68100 KUALA LUMPUR KUL Malaysia

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Coverage Area Up to 3  / Up to 33 ft²
Power Consumption 7.5 W
Cooling Power 100 W - 350 W / 340-1190 BTU/hr
Volumetric flow rate 49.1 cfm
Noise Level Up to 50 dB
Size 172 x 170 x 170 mm
6.77 x 6.69 x 6.69 inch
Net Weight 750 g
Water Tank Capacity 800 ml
Water Refill Cycle every 3-8 hours
Evaporative cartridge life expectancy 3 - 6 months *
Color Opaque White, Urban Grey
Energy Efficiency Rate 21-37
USB USB Type C (5V, 2A)
Supplied Accessories Cartridge, power cord, funnel

The most lightweight & energy efficient air conditioner with a handle and one button control.

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Ultra-portable & leakage-proof

evaCHILL has second generation of leakage proof system. The handle on the body makes it easy to carry. Take it anywhere with you even hiking in tents! Light weight and extended tank allow you to enjoy the coolness up to 9 hours.

Ice-blue LED lights

evaCHILL not only cools a personal space, but also improves the mood with a delightful soft ice-blue light, pleasing to the eye and relaxing.

One button setup

We came up with the easiest set up. evaCHILL is controlled by only one button. Easy as that! Anyone will manage, even a child.

Introducing evaBreeze® – innovative patented material

EvaBreeze® material has proven its efficiency in our personal air-cooling devices. Product's effect is achieved due to a nanostructure that enables outstanding absorbing capacity, combining both hydrophilic and hydrophobic effects. This allows the material to efficiently absorb water and easily take it into the air.


Extra efficient

Can absorb 700% of its own weight


Capillary effect

Raises the water up to a height of 30 cm.


Eco Friendly

Fully biodegradable material.


100% Safe

Bio-stable. Prevents bacteria growth.


Evapolar functionality is based on a natural evaporative cooling technology

After you fill the water tank and connect your Evapolar air conditioner to a power supply, the cartridge will absorb large amounts of water.


The water spreads evenly through the cooling pads. As the air blows through the pads, the water evaporates, which causes both the lowering of the air temperature with saturating it with water.


Evapolar air conditioner will reach its full cooling power within 5-10 minutes. There is no heat exhausted as a result of the evaporation process.


Using evaCHILL is so easy and intuitive, you will enjoy it every day

Step 1: Add water

Fill up tank with water.


Step 2: Add power

Connect USB cable to a power outlet or power bank.


Step 3: Enjoy.

Get the full cooling effect in 10 minutes.