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Barisieur UK | Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock


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Pickup available at ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)
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Tea or Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock - Glassware that sits on a walnut timber tray on top of a matte black base. The milk vessel cools through a peltier cooler and is automatically activated by an infrared sensor when milk is present. There is a drawer to store both coffee and tea with a spoon that sits on a stainless steel lid. The Barisieur uses a fine-meshed metal filter, which allows some of the oils in the coffee pass through rather than a paper filter and is reusable.

• Voltage 220V - 240V
• Glass is Dishwasher safe
• Package Include: All Glassware
Glass mug (150ml Volume), Milk Vessel (25ml)
Coffee Draw (180ml) and Serving spoon (15g)
Reuseable Stainless Steel Brew Filter
Set Up Guide and 2 Year Warranty
1.2m Power Cable

• Voltage: 110-127V // 220-240V
• Power: 500W
• Materials: Borosilicate Glass, Walnut, ABS, PET, Polished Stainless Steel, Food Safe Silicone Rubber
• Temperature: Water delivered onto brew at 94°C / 201°F
• Volume: Serves up to 200ml
• Plug Type: 220V-240V: Type-F (EU), Type-G (UK).
• Dimensions: 280(H) x 280(W) x 180(D)

Easing you into the day

The Barisieur is a premium alarm clock that eases you into your morning with the soothing sounds of bubbling water along with the smell of the freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea.


Influenced by your rituals

Inspired by a combination of the modern ritual of filter coffee with the iconic vinyl record player, encouraging a nostalgic experience with the user. The design was born with a digital detox in mind, where the design language balances between simplicity and mystified alchemy.


Timeless Design

The mix of Scandinavian and timeless design makes the Barisieur feel at home whether it's displayed in the kitchen, living room or bedroom...


The Milk Cooler

Keep milk cold and fresh in the smart refrigerator. It uses a peltier cooler and infrared sensor to detect if milk is present, regulating it to 3-5 °C // 37-41 °F to maintain freshness at > 35 D/B.


Timeless Design

Embedded in the body of the Barisieur, the coffee draw conveniently stores over a weeks worth of ground coffee/tea in a sealed container. A stainless steel scoop is included and conveniently sits on the lid of the drawer.

All our timber is sourced from ethical and sustainably managed forests.

The Shower Head

This is our fully redesigned shower head, made to emulate a gentle hand pour-over. Ensuring full and even immersion of the coffee grounds or loose leaf tea.

The Barisieur is engineered to release the water at 94°C onto the coffee or tea, for better extraction without burning and ensuring full flavour.


Full Bodied Flavour with No Sediment

Designed to create good quality coffee and tea, the two layered mesh-filter lets more coffee oils through which creates a fully-bodied beverage without grittiness and sediment at the bottom of your cup. It is easy to clean and a great alternative to paper filters. If you want a slower flow you can try using paper filters as well.





Tested by top tea & coffee connoisseurs and the brew has been rated as 5/5



Water boils in 3-5 mins and pours over the coffee or tea at optimum temperature of 94°C


Alarm Setting

The Barisieur has a standard alarm to wake you up in the morning, you can turn the volume up and down for this.



Cools the Milk vessel overnight to keep milk fresh (5°C -8°C)



Plug Type E & G

The Barisieur arrives with both an EU & UK Kettle plug



The Barisieur is available in 220V - 240V



Available in 24hr and 12 hr clock. The clock display automatically dims at night-time.



Use 1.5-2 scoops of fine ground coffee (espresso works)
Use 2-3 scoops of loose leaf tea

Informed by the principles of good design, we look to enrich people's lives through encouraging rituals and connecting through the 5 senses.


Founded in 2016, Barisieur is a brand driven by design, experience and exceptional quality. Designed by product designer Joshua Renouf when he was at university, the Barisieur journey started after Josh shared his design online and it rapidly went viral.


We are motivated by playful designs, which encourage interaction and induce a cherished relationship between the product and the user.

Our objective has always been to challenge the norm by combining technology with premium materials that are made to last and age gracefully with the user.

Reconnecting people with reality, through tangible experiences.

After global news outlets such as CNN and Fox News reached out to him, Josh decided to launch the Barisieur on Kickstarter. It was a rollercoaster journey, with numerous occasions where it looked like Josh wouldn't reach his ambitious target of 360,000.

A week before the end of the crowd-funding campaign, Virgin StartUp got in touch and arranged a meeting between Josh and Richard Branson. The success of this meeting helped lead to Kickstarter making the Barisieur "project of the day". Josh ended up crawling over the line with minutes to spare by 3,000. He had done it.

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