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NanoFoamer V2NanoFoamer V2 / Lithium - Storming Gravity
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FlowTip Milk Jug - Storming GravityFlowTip Milk Jug - Storming Gravity
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Flick WDT ToolFlick WDT Tool
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NanoFoamer PRONanoFoamer PRO
NanoFoamer PRO Sale priceRM599.00 Regular priceRM749.00
Subminimal - Storming Gravity

About Subminimal

Subminimal designs, manufactures, and markets coffee making products. More specifically, products for making perfect espresso-based drinks at home. We have invented and patented the best milk frother in the world. One that can make silky microfoam milk suitable for making latte art on cappuccinos, lattes and piccolos.

Meet the founder - Dominic

"Iโ€™m the founder and designer at Subminimal. I have a healthy obsession with all things simple. I believe good design is powerful, and good coffee is essential so I am exploring new ways to create exciting products that help you make better coffee drinks at home.

Join me as I explore better ways to make good coffee even better."