Cubo Ai Saves Babies’ Lives

Want to know how? Come along on the journey of a baby’s first 6 months and beyond

We believe your baby’s development should always be a reason to celebrate, not a cause for concern. From regular breathing to rolling over, crawling, and more, every stage has things parents should look out for. All of us at Cubo Ai know that easing your anxiety over caring for the precious life you welcomed into your home is an incredibly important part of our job.


This is why we’re proud that Cubo Ai saves babies’ lives every single day.


Take a look below at how, using AI detection, Cubo Ai founders, parents themselves, co-created a baby monitor to help safeguard your baby, making your parenting journey easier and more enjoyable!


From the moment you bring them home, babies move their legs and arms, possibly accidentally placing blankets and other objects over their faces as they sleep, and swaddles alone may not keep your baby’s face from being covered. Cubo Ai's face detection technology alerts you if it recognizes that your baby's mouth or nose may be covered.

Cubo Ai doesn’t wait until their breathing is affected!

Cubo Ai gets ahead of the problem by sending proactive alerts via our app in real-time if a dangerous activity occurs. Getting ahead of an incident can save your baby.

Winston’s mom: I temporarily laid Winston on the bed in the morning when I was busy doing chores. I didn’t expect anything dangerous to happen so suddenly! Thanks to Cubo Ai’s Covered Face Detection, I was alerted that Winston’s face was covered by his blanket...

Kristin, Cubo Ai mom: Our little bird saved us!!! The exact thing Cubo Ai said it was watching out for happened to me! I looked at my alert in the middle of the night... and baby had wriggled free of a light-colored swaddle enough to pull it up over her head and completely disappear! I’ve got a sick feeling in my gut just thinking about how tightly baby was wrapped.


Parents get anxious (and with good reason!) when babies start to roll over but haven't learned how to right themselves. It may take some time for them to gain the strength to roll back, but while they get those baby workouts in, Cubo Ai's Roll-Over Detection can alert you if your baby turns over face-down. Within moments, you’ll be able to help them back to a safe position.

Martin’s mom: My baby recently started practicing rolling over, but because he’s not strong enough yet, he won’t be able to roll back over...good thing Cubo Ai’s Covered Face and Rollover Detection can alert me to turn my baby over and save him from suffocation. I’m really thankful for our little Cubo Ai bird!

Now that your baby is super strong and has moved onto different movements, our smart baby monitor is ready to grow with them. Whether you decide to continue using the crib, standing, or mobile set-ups, your baby can learn to crawl and walk safely. You set the limits!

Parents can set Danger Area Alerts to detect if their little one is venturing a bit too far.

Zoey’s mom: Because my mother-in-law lives in a multi-story house and her room is further away from the baby’s room, Cubo has become even more important. One day we were in the living room and heard the Danger Zone alert. We found out that Zoey was just about to crawl out of her crib....


Maya’s mom: The night before, I wanted to move Maya over to the big bed. Who knew anything dangerous would happen!