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Cycop - Storming Gravity


CYCOP is an urban lifestyle brand that seeks harmony in populated environments. The name comes from “City of Co-optimality.” We are a group of designers and entrepreneurs from USA, Taiwan, and Malaysia, who try to provide people with new and joy experience through our design. We love moving between these different worlds - the city and the sea, our inspiration and nature.

In 2015, we founded CYCOP to define a new way to lifestyle products. Every piece has been deeply considered to help you get the best of life’s little moments.

The Best

CYCOP - an modern brand focusing on creating everyday gears for urban/outdoor explorer. From beginning to now, we devote making the best things for each our customers, treating them as family, friends and peers.


We make minimalist accessories for urban life even traveling, to inspire positive change. This means we hope everyone could seek happiness over growth.

100% Care

Inspired by city, we create products that balance smart features with producing and consuming. We wish to demonstrate belief that it's possible to create, produce and sell whilst respecting humans and environment.