Award-Winning! These Everyday Bags Will Make You Rethink Your Go-To Bag

Award-Winning! These Everyday Bags Will Make You Rethink Your Go-To Bag - Storming Gravity

These everyday carry bags have been awarded in the Ninth Annual Carry Awards by Carryology. Designed to store your belongings in style, these backpacks also upgrade your carry experience with their class and comfort.

ย 1. Black Ember Shadow


The Shadow is a minimal waterproof backpack designed to fit your life while protecting your essentials, available in 22 litre and 26 litre sizes. Built with heavy duty waterproof material, the Shadowโ€™s back panel independently flexes to match the shape of your back with an air-flow channel for ventilation.

Whatโ€™s more, it offers fast access pocket to charge your phone, easy access to keys, wallet, etc. Inside, you'll find suspended Laptop and tablet sleeves, durable mesh pockets and a water bottle pocket. The separate pockets are organized with the built-in tech-kit which secured with a magnetic buckle, perfect for those who have zero organizers to make best use of the built-in organization provided by the bag.

2. Bellroy Venture Sling

The extra capacity Venture sling 9L is built for outdoor adventure, with a big focus on accessibility and easy organization. Available in 6 litre and 9 litre sizes, it offers an innovative zipper with ultra-wide opening for you to grab everything in your sling effortlessly. Say no to jumbled gear!

There are various kinds of pockets created to keep your things separate and sorted. It features ambidextrous access with buckles on each side detach the strap, and the zipper opens from both ends. Whatโ€™s more, you can expand when you need it.

3. Bellroy Transit Workpack

The transit workpack gives you no rummage through gym gear at work by separating access to your laptop and tech accessories. As for features, it doesnโ€™t disappoint, with sufficient internal organization, a soft-lined sunglasses pouch and hidden quick access front and side pockets. The main compartment opens with a near-full clamshell and the stretch mesh shoe pocket inside designed to keep your soles and your snacks at a safe distance.

Moreover, the hidden side zip pockets allow you to carry your wallet and water bottle with confidence in a secure manner. Whatโ€™s more, the back panel and shoulder straps are updated for maximum comfort.

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