NanoFoamer V2

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Option: Lithium (Rechargeable Version)
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NanoFoamer V2 / Lithium - Storming Gravity

NanoFoamer V2

Lithium (Rechargeable Version)

ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)

Pickup available at ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)
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NanoFoamer V2: AA battery-operated microfoam milk maker. The best microfoamed milk you can produce without a steam wand. Re-engineered from the ground up. 25% more powerful compare with V1, has a digital on/off switch, a replaceable impeller, and click-on NanoScreens, along with premium internal components and design and more.

NanoFoamer Lithium: Ultra-powerful version with 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery and two-speed options. The best microfoamed milk you can produce without a steam wand. 300% more powerful than V1. It's so powerful that we had to give it a two-speed option to slow it down!

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Package contents
• One NanoFoamer V2/ Lithium
• One USB-C to USB-C cable (Lithium version only)
• Two NanoScreens
• One Protective Hood
• One Adhesive Wall Mount
• One User Manual
• One Certificate of Authenticity
• Access code for Latte Art Master Class

Make incredible barista-quality cappuccinos in the comfort of your home.
No steam wand required!

Makes superfine microfoam

Microfoam milk has bubbles so fine, you don’t even see them anymore, the milk is transformed into a velvety texture. Pouring this milk is more like pouring wet paint, than it is pouring foamy milk.

What’s New?

Clip-ON NanoScreens

The new NanoScreens clip into the impeller rather than press-fit, ensuring they stay nice and flat.

Polycarbonate Impeller

This superior food-safe material gives the impeller a longer life, even in harsh conditions.

Replaceable Impeller

The impeller can now be replaced, in the event of an unfortunate tumble.

Stainless Steel housing

Our motor housing is now made of real stamped stainless steel.

On/Off Digital Switch

By popular demand, our new switch is an ultra-light touch on/off switch.

New Rechargeable Model

Powerful, multi-touch two-speed option using rechargeable 3.7v Li-ion 1,200mAh battery. Giving this product superpowers up to 14k RPM and very high torque.

Completely Reengineered

Re-built every aspect of the NanoFoamer to provide a better experience.

Stronger Construction

Improved internal build quality with tighter tolerances inside the motor.

New Battery Housing

Sturdy, tight fitting battery compartment to dampen vibrations.


Cafe-quality microfoamed milk is now possible at home! Make your own barista-style cappuccino every day.


Better tasting, better looking and better textured coffees.



Select a NanoScreen to suit your preferred microfoam type: Superfine, fine, or ordinary foam.



Churn your warm milk (55°C is ideal) for about 15 seconds. Start in the middle to incorporate air, then move to the side to continue churning and blending the foam.



Pour your perfectly microfoamed milk over espresso. It should feel like pouring paint. Draw a heart, rosetta or something abstract!


The way you like it


Store your NanoFoamer on the adhesive wall-mount or put the protective hood on and keep it in a drawer nearby.


We made the NanoFoamer waterproof so you can clean it without a worry. Just give it a spin under running water after each use.

  • NanoFoamer V2
    NanoFoamer V2
    RM 169.00

  • NanoFoamer Lithium
    NanoFoamer Lithium
    RM 249.00
v2 2 x AA Batteries
Lithium 3.7V Li-Ion Battery (1300mAh)
v2 Single Speed (3k RPM Submerged)
Lithium Dual Speed (4k RPM Submerged)
v2 234 x 35 x 35mm
Lithium 234 x 35 x 35mm
v2 104 g
Lithium 135 g
v2 No
Lithium Yes, via USB-C
v2 Fine & Superfine
Lithium Fine & Superfine
v2 Polycarbonate (Replaceable)
Lithium Polycarbonate (Replaceable)
v2 Yes
Lithium Yes
Protective Hood & Wall Mount
v2 Included
Lithium Included
v2 Yes
Lithium Yes