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Everything Camera Insert 8LEverything Camera Insert 8L
Lens Filter Mount for T-Series LensesLens Filter Mount for T-Series Lenses
Rear Lens Cap - T-SeriesRear Lens Cap - T-Series
Tripod Mount for MagSafeTripod Mount for MagSafe
75mm Macro Mobile Lens | T-Series75mm Macro Mobile Lens | T-Series
Macro 10x Lens T-SeriesMacro 10x Lens T-Series
Fisheye 14mm Lens T-SeriesFisheye 14mm Lens T-Series
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CineBloom Snap-On Filter iPhone 15 Pro & 15 Pro MaxCineBloom Snap-On Filter iPhone 15 Pro & 15 Pro Max
CineBloom Snap-On Filter iPhone 15 Pro & 15 Pro Max Sale priceRM99.00 Regular priceRM139.00
T-Series | Front Lens Cap - Fisheye 14mmT-Series | Front Lens Cap - Fisheye 14mm
T-Series | Front Lens Cap - Wide 18mm, Tele 58mmT-Series | Front Lens Cap - Wide 18mm, Tele 58mm
67mm Phone Filter Mount67mm Phone Filter Mount
Moment 18mm Wide Mobile Lens | T-SeriesMoment 18mm Wide Mobile Lens | T-Series
Moment T-Series | Universal Lens MountMoment T-Series | Universal Lens Mount
Moment 58mm Tele Mobile Lens | T-SeriesMoment 58mm Tele Mobile Lens | T-Series
1.33x/1.55x Anamorphic Mobile Lens | T-Series1.33x/1.55x Anamorphic Mobile Lens | T-Series
Drop-in Lens MountDrop-in Lens Mount
Drop-in Lens Mount Sale priceRM25.00
Everything Backpack 28LEverything Backpack 28L
Everything Backpack (17L, 21L)Everything Backpack (17L, 21L)
Everything Backpack (17L, 21L) Sale priceFrom RM549.00
Everything Tech Tote 19LEverything Tech Tote 19L
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Moment DayChaser Travel Camera Pack 35LMoment DayChaser Travel Camera Pack 35L
Moment DayChaser Travel Camera Pack 35L Sale priceRM1,179.00 Regular priceRM1,399.00
Moment Rugged Camera Sling Sale priceFrom RM589.00
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Moment Strohl Mountain Light Camera Loader - Storming GravityMoment Strohl Mountain Light Camera Loader - Storming Gravity
Moment MTW Tech Organizer - Storming GravityMoment MTW Tech Organizer - Storming Gravity
Moment Tech Organizer Sale priceRM269.00
Moment MTW Camera Insert 5L - Storming GravityMoment MTW Camera Insert 5L - Storming Gravity
Moment Camera Insert Sale priceFrom RM279.00
Moment - Storming Gravity

We started in 2013 on Kickstarter, making gear for we do more than that. We sell gear from our favorite brands, publish lessons from go-to creatives, and run photo adventures all over the world.

We started Moment because we're in.

In for more moments, less stuff.
Getting out. Seeing more. Embracing every moment life throws our way. Filling our lives โ€ฆ not our feeds. More beautiful moments please.

In for following our camera.
Our compass, our anti-GPS device. Getting up close and actually seeing the world. Slowing down, considering more, remembering more. Ahhh โ€ฆ the joy of being in.

In for connecting more.
Being open to the places we go, the people we meet. Away from the feed. Feeding the soul. Just being there. Present. (...dramatic silence...) In the moment. (ha, see what we did there?)

In for keeping it real.
Finding the imperfect, awkward, unexpected moments. Never to be found again. Favoring the vulnerable and real, over the perfect. Keeping things unvarnished and true.