X1 Crossbody Bag

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X1 Crossbody Bag

X1 Crossbody Bag


ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)

Pickup available at ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)
Unit 11, Level 3, No. 972, Batu 6 1/2, Jalan Ipoh, EcoSky Commercial Building 68100 KUALA LUMPUR KUL Malaysia

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These Crossbody Bags are a rad fusion of style and utility. Say goodbye to bulky bags and embrace the sleekness of our Crossbody Bags, perfect for on-the-go. We've armed these bags with more pockets than a kangaroo's pouch – seriously, you'll have a place for everything.

Like always, we've put our bags through the wringer to ensure they can handle anything life throws at you. Rain? No problemo! Our water-resistant fabric has got your back. The WANDRD Crossbody Bags are the embodiment of our brand vibes – radical, functional, and sexy. The Samwise to your Frodo.

  • Main Zippered Opening w/ Weather Resistant YKK Zippers
  • Pleated Front Utility Pocket w/ Magnetic Closure
  • Rear Stuff Pocket w/ Magnetic Closure
  • Adjustable Carry Strap w/ Magnetic Buckle
  • Oversized Grab Handle
  • 10mm Daisy Chain Connections
  • Accordion Mesh Pocket Divider
  • Internal Organization Sleeves
  • Hidden AirTag Pocket
  • Cord Passthrough (Only Medium & Large)


  • 7.25" H X 4.5" W X 1.5" D (18.42cm X 11.43cm X 3.81cm)
  • Volume: 1L
  • Weight: 0.74 lbs


  • 8" H X 5" W X 2" D (20.32cm X 12.7cm X 5.08cm)
  • Volume: 1.3L
  • Weight: 0.82 lbs


  • 8" H X 6.5" W X 2" D (20.32cm X 16.51cm X 5.08cm)
  • Volume: 1.6L
  • Weight: 1.04 lbs

Weather Resistant YKK Zippers

Giving nature a run for its money, our weather-defying zippers ensure your gear stays dry - no soggy surprises here, just pure... dry adventure!

Front Utility Pocket w/ Magnetic Closure

Locking down your must-haves in motion is flippin' (yeah Utah) easy thanks to this front utility pocket with a magnetic closure. No disappearing acts here, just a pocket full of rad.

Rear Stuff Pocket w/ Magnetic Closure

Behold, the sneakiest pocket in town! Need quick access without breaking a sweat? Consider it done. It's the James Bond of pockets – discreet, efficient, and oh-so-cool.

Adjustable Carry Strap w/ Magnetic Buckle

Ready for a strap that's more flexible than your weekend plans? Say hello to our adjustable carry strap, armed with a magnetic buckle. Secure, customizable, and just a smidge smarter than your average strap.

Oversized Grab Handle

This "grab life by the handles" feature is ready to make your portable game look effortless.

10mm Daisy Chain Connections

Our 10mm daisy chain connections are like the Swiss Army knives of creativity – they'll have you expanding your carrying capacity faster than you can say "why didn't I buy this sooner."

Cord Passthrough

Were you the type of kid who hated your food touching? We got you. Keep your battery in the main pocket and your phone in the front charging with our cord passthrough.

ONLY available in medium and large sizes.

Accordion Mesh Pocket Divider

Our internal pockets are like having your personal pocket butler - suave, discreet, and ready to keep your shit (sorry Mom) organized.

Internal Organization Sleeves

These sleeves are the secret to stress-free access to devices, passports, documents, and essentials. Whether you are using it for travel or daily carry it's a neat freak's dream come true.

Hidden AirTag Pocket

Lose track of your gear? Not on our watch. This AirTag pocket remembers you even when you don't remember your bag. Thanks, pal.

X1 Crossbody Bag Size Comparison

Are the X1 Crossbody Bags waterproof?
While our bags aren't submerge-proof, the water-resistant zippers make our interiors pretty damn close.

What do the X1 Crossbody Bag straps extend to?
The strap is a 25mm Nylon Webbing with a max length of 50".

What kind of internal organization does the X1 Crossbody Bag have?
Small -

6 Internal organization pockets
3 "V" Accordion Mesh Pocket Divider
Internal Mesh Organization Pockets
2 Internal Organization Sleeves

Medium/Large -

8 Internal organization pockets
4 "X" Accordion Mesh Pocket Divider
Internal Mesh Organization Pockets
2 Internal Organization Sleeves

Which X1 Crossbody Bag size has a cord passthrough?
Only the medium and large X1 Crossbody Bags have cord passthroughs.