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Dayfarer V2 Backpack X-PAC 24LDayfarer V2 Backpack X-PAC 24L
Modern Dayfarer Active Sling Pack (16L) - Storming GravityModern Dayfarer Active Sling Pack (16L) - Storming Gravity
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Modern Dayfarer Active Sling (3L) - Storming GravityModern Dayfarer Active Sling (3L) - Storming Gravity
Dayfarer Tech Pouch RVX25Dayfarer Tech Pouch RVX25
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Modern Dayfarer Sling (8L) - Storming GravityModern Dayfarer Sling (8L) - Storming Gravity
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Dayfarer V2 Backpack - Storming GravityDayfarer V2 Backpack - Storming Gravity
Modern Dayfarer - Storming Gravity


Our products are sustainable above all because of their longevity. Away from fast fashion to a timeless design, which does not go out of fashion as soon as a trend changes. Of course, we use high-quality fabrics and materials, which bring a long life.

We make products that we look forward to and can't wait to finish. Always looking for new ideas and perspectives, we develop products that t your active lifestyle in a contemporary way.