Snap Phone Case MOVAS - MagSafe Compatible

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Size: iPhone 15 Pro
Color: Black
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Snap Phone Case MOVAS - MagSafe Compatible

Snap Phone Case MOVAS - MagSafe Compatible

iPhone 15 Pro / Black

ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)

Pickup available at ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)
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Durability, softness, sustainability: this case is crafted for lasting charm. Made with MOVAS™-P* Series vegan leather, it provides a soothing sheen, repels dirt and stains, resists color fading, and withstands scratches from everyday items.
  • Durable and soft MOVAS™ vegan leather
  • Scratch and stain resistant
  • Includes a Lanyard Anchor (Phone Lanyard sold separately)
  • 1mm raised camera ring protection
  • Wireless & MagSafe charging compatible
MOVAS™ Snap Case
Wireless Charging and MagSafe Charging Compatible: works well with the MOFT Snap Battery Pack, the Apple MagSafe Battery, and the Apple MagSafe Charger.
Lanyard Compatible: the MOVAS Case is designed with a slot inside for the included lanyard anchor to work with the MOFT Phone Lanyard (sold separately).
The Lanyard Anchor sticking out from the base of the case is about 4mm long. Dimensions:
(iPhone 15 Pro): 5.9*2.9*0.5 in/ 149.80*74.33*12.13 mm
(iPhone 15 Pro Max): 6.4*3.2*0.5 in/162.92*81.39*11.88 mm

(iPhone 15 Pro): 1.1 oz/31.8 g
(iPhone 15 Pro Max): 1.2 oz/35.4 g

Material: MOVAS™ Vegan
Leather, PC, Microfiber, Magnets

Color Endurance

The Snap Case MOVAS boasts remarkable color retention, ensuring resistance to fading, and preventing color transfer to your belongings.

Lanyard Compatibility

MOFT's adjustable lanyard quickly and securely attaches to the Snap Case's base using an optional anchor. This lets you wear your phone hands-free for your everyday commute and unlock versatile new experiences for activities like cycling, skateboarding, dog-walking,and more! (*The included adhesive Lanyard Anchor is removable when no longer needed.)

Thin and Thorough

Its slim design and exquisite detailing of MOVAS Leather offers a comfortable grip, while protecting your phone's edges from scratches. The meticulously crafted button covers provide a tactile experience reminiscent of using a bare iPhone.

Life & Style Match

The strong magnetic mount grants you the confidence to attach accessories for your various daily needs like our Snap Stands or Snap Battery Pack. And with vibrant MOVAS color options you can mix and match for your personal style.

Is it compatible with a MagSafe wireless charger?
Yes, the case has been tested to work well with the MOFT Snap Battery, the Apple MagSafe Battery, and the Apple MagSafe Charger. However, the actual charging efficiency may vary due to different magnet layouts.

Is the current phone lanyard compatible with this Snap Case?
Yes, the current Phone Lanyard is compatible with this Snap Case, as the case comes with a Lanyard Anchor that attaches to the inside of the case where there's a slot designed for the lanyard anchor. (*Click here to check how to attach the Phone Lanyard to the MOVAS Snap Case.)

How does the Snap Case aviod slightly pushing the phone out with the lanyard anchor inside the case?
The case is designed with a slot tailored for the lanyard anchor to ensure the phone is seated deeply inside the case. Additionally, the adhesive lanyard anchor is removable when it's no longer needed.

Are the button covers made with different materials than the case around them?
Yes, the buttons are made with aluminum and undergo a surface oxidation treatment, ensuring excellent hardness and wear resistance.

Will it affect the NFC function?
No, it won't affect the NFC on your phone.

How do I use the Lanyard Anchor included in the package?
It works with the MOFT Phone Lanyard sold separately. The case is designed with a slot for the Lanyard Anchor, so you can attach the anchor inside the case and let the hooks go through the button cutout. (Instruction are also included in the package.)

When attaching the optional anchor, how long does the Lanyard Anchor stick out from the bottom of the case?
The Lanyard Anchor that sticks out from the bottom of the case is about 4 mm long.

Is the Lanyard Anchor set inside the case and NOT outside hindering the case's aesthetic?
Yes, the lanyard anchor is set inside the case.

Will its color fade?
It is made with our pioneering, self-developed MOVAS™-P vegan leather, to retain its vibrant color for a long time through a unique dyeing process and materials. A quick tip: Avoid strong chemicals that might damage the leather and lead to color fading. To keep it looking sharp, use alcohol below 75% concentration and skip other chemical cleaners in your regular maintenance routine.