Moft Snap Battery Pack

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Color: Black
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Moft Snap Battery Pack - Storming Gravity

Moft Snap Battery Pack

Black / Battery Only

ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)

Pickup available at ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)
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The palm-sized battery pack stores extra juice for out and about, but is lighter than most battery packs and slides into your pocket without fuss. Capped with 3,400mAh, this battery is enough for your whole day adventure, when you get home, just plug in the cable onto the battery pack and they will start charging both devices at the same time. Pair this with Moft Snap-On Phone Stand & Wallet for best using experience

Storage: 3400mah
Input: USB-C 5v/2a
Output: USB-C 5v/2a
Wireless charging: 7.5w/5w
Pass-through charging
4 LED display lights
Dimensions: 3.9*2.6*0.5 in/98.6*65.8*12.3 mm
Weight: 4 oz/120 g
Material: ABS, Vegan leather, Metal sheets, Magnets
Q: What phones are compatible with the battery pack?
A: The battery pack works with iPhone 14/13/12 series that have MagSafe, including the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini.

Q: Can this be used when my phone is in a case?
A: It only charges through MagSafe compatible cases like Apple’s MagSafe cases and Moft MagSafe enhanced Snap Case, so you can’t use a regular case with it.

Q: If I use the MagSafe enhanced Snap Case and the Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet filled with three cards, can I use this at the same time?
A: Yes, you can definitely use this with your Snap Case and Snap-on Stand & Wallet at the same time by attaching your stand & wallet to the battery pack. So you don’t have to remove your cards to wirelessly charge your phone.

Q: Does it come with an adapter? If not, is there any requirement for the adapter?
A: Nope, but it comes with the USB-C charging cable with a breakaway magnetic tip. For the adapter, we suggest you do not to use the adapter with an output of 5V/1A or lower because it’s not compatible with the input of the battery pack and wouldn’t be able to charge your battery pack or wirelessly charge your iPhone properly.

Q: Can I keep this with my phone all the time?
A: Yes, it has a power button, so you can keep this with your phone and begin charging when you need it.

Q: Can this charge my phone via power cord instead of magnetizing to the back of the phone?
A: Yes, it also charges phones via a cable with USB-C at one end.

Q: How do I charge this battery pack?
A: You can charge it when it’s stilled attached or detached from your phone. Plug the provided USB-C cable into a USB adapter and plug it into a wall outlet.

Q: Does the battery support pass-through charging?
A: Yes! Once you connect the battery pack to the charging cable, the battery pack will be recharged after your phone is fully charged.

Q: How long do I need to wait for the battery to be recharged?
A: It depends on how you charge it but normally, it takes 1-1.5h for the battery pack to be recharged from 0 to fully charged.

Q: Why do I feel it takes more time to charge my iPhone?
A: Positioning of your iPhone or phone case on your battery pack will affect the charging speed. When the device is properly aligned, the charging speed will be faster than the misaligned device.

Q: How can I know how much charge I have on the battery pack?
A: There are lights flashing during the charge for you to check the power level level (4 lights ≥75%, 3 lights = 50%-75%, 2 lights = 25%~50%, 1 light = 0%~25%).

Power Freely, Go Lightly

The palm-sized battery pack stores extra juice for out and about, but is lighter than most battery packs and slides into your pocket without fuss.

Stack and Personalize Your Experience

The magnetic connection on the back allows you to use it with other MagSafe accessories simultaneously, creating your own everyday carry experience.

Slim Contours to Complement Your Mobile Style

Comfortable edges and soft vegan leather are smooth to the touch and complement the sleek design of your phone.

One Cable for Charging, One Less Worry

Pass-through charging prioritizes charging your phone. The power of one USB-C cable supports USB connection to your laptops, letting you live off one cable on-the-go.

Tech-Life Efficiency with Single Hand Connection

The USB-C cable has a breakaway magnetic tip so no fumbling around to plug it in, saving time and effort in your daily routine.