Minipresso GR2

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Minipresso GR2

Minipresso GR2

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Pickup available at ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)
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Minipresso GR2, the next evolution of the Minipresso GR. With a smaller and lighter form factor, it continues to deliver exceptional in-cup espresso quality. We have significantly improved the renowned Minipresso in two crucial areas: sustainability and user experience.

Experience the ultimate coffee customization with our innovative new design featuring a built-in adjustable basket. Discover the freedom to select between 8 or 12g of pre-ground coffee, allowing you to explore and effortlessly achieve your perfect espresso strength. Elevating convenience to new heights, the Minipresso GR2 includes additional accessories, such as a dosing funnel and a drip tray, ensuring a seamless brewing experience. Unleash your coffee creativity and enjoy unparalleled convenience with the Minipresso GR2.

The Minipresso GR2 is not only more compact but also incorporates eco-friendly measures. We have prioritized sustainability by reducing plastic material usage and incorporating biobased materials in some parts. Furthermore, all texts and logos are now integrated into the parts, saving energy and resources.

  • Freshly ground or pre-ground coffee compatible
  • Adjustable basket capacity, 8-12g of coffee grounds
  • Pressurized portafilters - Produces a beautiful espresso with a thick layer of crema
  • Fun to brew - Consistent rich, and flavorful espresso
  • Easy to use - Quick to clean
  • Hand powered - No electricity, no battery required
  • Eco-friendly - Partially made of wheat-base polymers
  • Extra compact - 125mm - 4.92 inches height
  • Ultra-light - 285g - 0.63 lb
  • Built-in accessories: brush, scoop, funnel, and drip tray
  • French design - Modern and elegant style
  • Extended commitment - 1 year warranty

NOTICE: Minipresso GR2 does not heat up water.

  • net dimensions
    2.37" x 2.8" x 4.92"
    60 x 71 x 125 mm
  • net weight
    10 oz
    285 g
  • water capacity
    80 ml
  • basket size
    Ø43 mm
  • ground capacity
    8-12 g
  • easy crema
  • pressurized portafilter
  • integrated cup
  • max. pressure
    18 bar
  • recommended grinding
  • BPA-free plastic
  • materials
    PA66, Biomass PP, stainless steel, silicone...
  • main color
    Gray Olive
  • warranty
    1 year
  • package includes

    Minipresso GR2, built-in espresso cup, scoop, funnel, drip tray, brush, carrying pouch, multi-language instruction book, warranty card, and one sticker.


Embracing the spirit of inclusivity, we passionately designed the Minipresso GR2, an affordable espresso machine that caters to everyone, with the ultimate goal of democratizing the world of coffee. Our mission is to make the art of crafting rich, aromatic espressos accessible to all by offering a high-quality machine at a budget-friendly price, ensuring that the joy and satisfaction of savoring a perfect cup of espresso knows no boundaries. Join us on this journey of sharing the love for coffee and empowering every coffee lover to become their own barista without breaking the bank. Welcome to the world of espresso made for all.


Through the fusion of our coffee expertise and engineering knowledge, we have created our most compact and capable single shot espresso machine to date. The compact Minipresso GR2 is surprisingly smaller, measuring 5 cm shorter than its predecessor. It effortlessly fits into your handbag, backpack, or even your back pocket. The Minipresso GR2 embodies user-friendliness, sturdy materials, and an elegant design, ensuring a flawless espresso brewing experience with every use.


With the Minipresso GR2, we've meticulously addressed every aspect of espresso brewing to create an unforgettable and enjoyable coffee experience for you! This cutting-edge portable espresso maker incorporates our most advanced pumping system, which results from years of experience and innovation, ensuring optimal extraction efficiency. The integrated water tank streamlines the preparation process, while the dosing ring and the drip tray prevent mess.

The Minipresso GR2 has a 30% reduction in size compared to its predecessor without compromising functionality. Despite its compact dimensions, it comes equipped with additional accessories like a dosing funnel and a drip tray, ensuring a clean and hassle-free brewing experience.

Overall Length: 125 mm / 4.92 in


The Minipresso GR2 overall weight has been significantly reduced while maintaining its robustness and durability, ensuring a more practical journey to your adventures. It's the ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a lightweight travel companion.

Weight: 285 g / 10 oz

Adjustable Basket

Experience the ultimate flexibility in espresso brewing with our patented adjustable basket feature. With the ability to brew espresso using either 8g or 12g of coffee grounds, you have the power to customize your brew to perfection. Whether you prefer a lighter or bolder cup, our adjustable basket allows you to explore different flavor profiles and tailor your espresso exactly to your taste preferences.

Basket Capacity: 8 to 12 grams

Cool Touch

Benefit from its double-wall structure, which provides excellent thermal isolation and ensures a comfortable grip even after a preheating cycle. The Minipresso GR2 features a large built-in water tank, perfect for extracting single espresso up to 60ml.

Water Capacity: 80 ml / 2.73 oz

Eco Friendly

By incorporating innovative wheat-composed polymers and achieving a 30% reduction in size, the Minipresso GR2 exemplifies sustainable design, propelling us toward a greener future. This eco-friendly espresso maker operates entirely by hand, eliminating the need for electricity.

How good is the extraction?

The extraction capability of the Minipresso GR2 is impressive, offering a max pressure of 18 bar (261 psi), similar to traditional capsule espresso machines. It uses a manual pump-driven system, ensuring the water remains at the recommended extraction temperature for optimal espresso quality. By minimizing the distance between the water tank and the coffee chamber, the Minipresso GR2 maintains the ideal temperature (152°F, 67°C in cup) and produces a rich, compact crema. Additionally, the Minipresso GR2 features an adjustable basket, allowing you to use either 8g or 12g of coffee grounds, giving you the flexibility to customize your brew's strength and flavor. This careful attention to the brewing process and customizable options guarantee a high-quality espresso shot, making the Minipresso GR2 a reliable and efficient choice for coffee enthusiasts.

1 year warranty