Flick WDT Tool

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Flick WDT Tool

Flick WDT Tool

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The Flick espresso distribution tool (WDT) is intuitive, fun to use, and safe, thanks to its retractable needles. One-click pops the needles out when you need them, and a flick of the wrist sends them right back in. Puck prep has never been so much fun.

Package Content: One Flick WDT Tool, One Stand, One Wall Mount, Six replacement needles, One allen key
Weight: 48 grams / 1.3Oz
Dimnesion: 110x18x18mm
Needle Thickness: 0.5mm
Needle Length: 42mm

Can the needles be replaced?
Yes. Flick comes with sets of spare needles and a small allen wrench to open up the front cap.

What is it made of?
It is a combination of aluminium, plastic, stainless steel and neodynium magnets.

Does it come with the stand?
Yes, two options come in the box. The small vertical stand and a magnet dot so it can be snapped onto the wall or espresso machine.

A WDT tool for people who don't like needles poking out all the time.


We've solved the most infuriating problem with WDT tools. Pesky needles sticking out when you don't need them to, getting caught, bent and sometimes outright freaky.

Oh, and we made it natural, fun and addictive at the same time. It's like a fidget spinner for baristas.

Dual Stands

Stand it in the aluminium base or magnetize it to your espresso machine, or wall mount when not in use.

Ingenious Inside

Magnetic Magic

The needles pop out so fast, even our camera can't catch them! It's almost like a Hyperloop inside, with our magnetic release mechanism.

Replaceable Needles

Of course, they are replaceable and the Flick WDT comes with two full sets of replacement.


Nothing could feel more natural when using this. In fact, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.