ANNEX 360 - Compact & Versatile Wallet Sling

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ANNEX 360 - Compact & Versatile Wallet Sling - Storming Gravity

ANNEX 360 - Compact & Versatile Wallet Sling

ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)

Pickup available at ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)
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Reimagining a wallet that no longer belongs in your pocket. This was the idea when we first decided to create our own wallet, extending on our pocket extension concept.

When you think of a wallet, typically an image of a small, flat case that are usually pocket-sized and foldable may come to mind. Used primarily to carry paper currency, coins, credit cards, IDs, and other forms of card-sized items. And going slim was all the craze, but ultimately limited in capacity.

Our patent-pending single-zipper 3 pocket design is at the heart of the ANNEX 360 wallet sling. All the features of a wallet, but with much more space and versatility in the same compact form.

A wallet that is more functional and adaptable to better work for your daily / outdoor / travel needs. Half wallet, half amazing.

Dimension (inches / mm): 3.3 x 5.1 x 1.8 / 85 x 130 x 45
Weight: 6 oz / 170 g

Key Features:

- Total 5 zippered pockets;
a) Patent-pending single zipper 3 pocket design (main compartment)
b) Front dome-shaped zipper pocket for extra storage space (ie keys, earphone etc)
c) Rear concealed zipper pocket
- Rotating swivel hook to attach to belt loop or other bags
- Belt latch webbing
- RFID protected (main compartment + rear pocket)
- Magnetic release key chain strap
- Anti-theft zipper pull design
- Removable clamp to attach to ~25mm webbing or for strap management
- Waterproof fabric + weather-resistant zippers


Our patent-pending single-zipper 3 pocket design is at the heart of the ANNEX 360 wallet sling. All the features of a wallet, but with much more space and versatility in the same compact form.

Each of the 3 sides (top, right, left) are independent pockets of one another, allowing easy access through a single zipper motion. Plenty of space to organize and separate cash, cards and coins to each of the three slots.

Additional pockets on front (dome shaped) and rear further provides ample space that goes beyond traditional wallets.


The ANNEX 360 can be used primarily as a sling. Or, simply remove the shoulder strap and flip it upside down to use as a pouch to attach directly on your belt, hook to your belt loop or other attachment points of your choice.


A wallet that doesn't fit in your pocket as it works as an extension of it. A wallet designed to be carried.

1. Patent-Pending Design

Perfectly sized to fit in your hands, like a wallet. But, don't let the size fool you. It's unique design allows for plenty of storage and to organize your money and EDC items together. Can your wallet carry all this?

The number of cards that can fit inside will vary depending on your set up. For example, if you do not carry any coins, this will create more space for cards to fit inside the right/left side pockets.

2. Five (5) Zippered Pockets

The right and left side pockets are ideal to store credit cards and cash (folded).

The top pocket is shallower than the right/left side pockets, making it ideal to store coins and other small items. The front pocket is dome-shaped to create plenty of space to fit a variety of daily carry essentials. From your car's remote smart key to portable EDC tools, wireless earbuds, spare masks and more.

And the fifth pocket on the rear is ideal to store important card-sized items, such as your driver's license and other IDs that are with you at all times.

3. Daily Weather Protection

Constructed using waterproof fabric and water-resistant zippers, a wallet that is ready to go wherever you go.

4. RFID Protected

A layer of RFID blocking fabric is added for security to protect the contents inside the main and rear pockets.

5. Non-Wallet Looks

Call it a pouch or a case if you'd like. Only those who know will know.

6. Magnetic Key Chain*

One end of the shoulder strap has a magnetic release key chain. If not in use, the key ring can be attached to the snap hook on the bottom of the ANNEX 360.

7. Quick & Easy Access

Similar to the benefits of carrying a sling pack, simply swing the ANNEX 360 to your chest for quick and easy access.

8. Secure Under Your Arms

Unlike a traditional wallet where in most cases are placed in your rear pocket = not visible, the ANNEX 360 will always be within your reach and visible, when worn around your chest.

9. No Loose Ends

If you do not plan to use the key chain, not a problem. Simply attach the metal key ring to the snap hook, or use the clamp (included) to keep the loose end from moving around.

This clamp can also be used to attach the ANNEX 360 to other bags with a webbing (~25mm), such as on our X series bags shown above in section 'MULTIPLE WAYS TO CARRY'.

10. Added Security

We will be adding a snap button on the two hypalon zipper pulls for the main compartment. This is to make it more difficult to open the zippers for added security and peace of mind. This button is not shown in all of the above photos/video, but will be incorporated into our production version.