MagEasy - A Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit

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MagEasy - A Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit - Storming Gravity

MagEasy - A Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit

Folio / Grey

ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)

Pickup available at ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)
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Are you struggling with productivity and efficiency, especially when working from home or remote working? MagEasy is the ultimate organizing solution which greatly helps you boost your output at work by keeping your stuff in one place instead of scattering around, turning any desktop into a personalized and private workspace, so you can easily stay organized and focused.

World's first minimalist modular magnetic organizing kit

MagEasy is an organization hack that helps you stay organized and get out the door fast in today's hectic world. It adopts a fully-customizable and expandable magnetic modular design which allows you to utilize every square inch of it to store and arrange your items of daily use.

Your everyday essentials carrying & organizing kit

Meet the mageasy family

The Board, the Folio and the magnetic modules work together seamlessly as one unified system to cleverly keep you organized all day.

MagEasy is a brilliant way to help you concentrate and boost your productivity and efficiency as a worker or a student. The magnetic modules on the Folio and the Board are easily swappable, enabling you to always stay organized, whether you are sedentary or nomadic.

Transport your stuff without making mess

The MagEasy Board is an all-in-one desktop organizer that keeps everything in place to save space and help to keep the mess at bay. Everything can be kept neatly in place on the Board in your own manner to eliminate clutter and save space on your desktop.

personalised board & folio of your own

The magnetic modules can be arbitrarily shared and arranged between the desktop Board and the mobile Folio, allowing you to organize the things your way. They work together seamlessly as a synergistic system to keep you organized all day, providing the best personalized organizing and storage experience you’ll ever have !!

The self-standing MagEasy Board instantly removes clutter on your desk by maximizing vertical storage space. All your workspace essentials are kept neat, tidy and centralized in the most logical manner. And it can be folded into a flat and stowed away within seconds to keep your items safe and private. It also moonlights as a phone/tablet holder and support which props them up at 60° - a perfect viewing angle at a comfortable sight height.

The portable MagEasy Folio securely holds your daily essentials such as keys, pens, headphones and phones in place while you are on the move, so you will always have what you need ready at hand wherever the road takes you.

Introducing MagEasy board

The MagEasy Board is a self-standing desktop organizer that keeps everything in place to save space and help to keep the mess at bay. Everything can be kept neatly in place on the Board in your own manner to eliminate clutter and save space on your desktop.
With the MagEasy Board, you will always have a clear view of and an easy access to your most needed items, helping keep your mind refreshed and concentrated on the main tasks therefore boost your productivity.

Ergonomic Benefit of Mageasy

The MagEasy Board remains steady and still on its foldable support without sliding around on the desk. Thanks to its Red Dot Award winning-design, any document, note, phone or tablet will be held at a 60° comfortable and healthy viewing angle.

Fold up like a 3-mm thick paper

The Board can be easily transformed into an ultra slim flat in just one second and stowed away in any drawer.

Introducing MagEasy Folio

With the MagEasy Folio’s novel organizing mechanism, your fumbling-for-things-in-your-bag days are behind you. Your keys, cards, pens, flash drive, wallet are all well-organized in the Folio for quick and easy access in case of emergency. MagEasy helps you cultivate a modern lifestyle.

Strong Magnet - Hold Firmly without falling

Simplify the out-the-door routine and decrease the chances of losing items by taking just the necessary items and holding them securely in a closed-book.
*The built-in magnets are TSA-approved and allowed on the flight.

Writing pads tailor for office worker

Each MagEasy Folio comes with 40 sheets A5-size filler paper (only 70gsm) in a wide variety of patterns to best fit your needs. It helps you capture and prioritize ideas, plans and to-do lists, so nothing falls through the cracks. Working with LHiDS magnetic paper clip, it transforms into a hardcover notebook for you to take notes anywhere, anytime to boost work efficiency and productivity.

We use quality “Scritta paper” for a smooth writing experience and quick dry time for great handwriting legibility. It is also one of the most thin and durable papers in the world for people who love traveling.

The same size as an A4 Paper

MagEasy Folio fits easily in any handbag or backpack so your frequently used items are always right at your fingertips from place to place.

Explore more creative using scenario

Use it separately as a cable tie, a business cards case or a fridge magnet.

Collect or bind small items.

Creative uses of the board

Snap the whole MagEasy organizer onto magnetic surfaces.

MagEasy’s organizing experience has just got even better with its collaboration with MOFT - an invisible and foldaway magnetic phone stand. When the MOFT is folded, you can easily attach your phone to the Board or Folio for organization while propping it up for hands-free viewing and calling.

Moft X is sold separately, click here to get it


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