This toothpaste has a hole.

This toothpaste has a hole. - Storming Gravity

I would say this is a smart and practical design. When it comes to toothpaste, most people will squeeze out every drop of paste as this is habitual.

Swing Toothpaste designed by students of Dankook University, Sungmin Hong, Yubin Choi, Yun Kim, Mi Jang and Seokgyu Hwang aimed to bring convenience to users. The inventive design of the hole at the tube act as a spinner. Simply put finger in and spin it, centrifugal force will push the toothpaste residue towards the tube top for an easy squeeze.ย 

I think this can dramatically solve the common problem of toothpaste. Maybe even help households to save some money on buying a new toothpaste as well as waste.


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