It’s 2019 soon. Are you still paying for a water bottle?

It’s 2019 soon. Are you still paying for a water bottle? - Storming Gravity
According to research, we consume more than 60 billion single serve plastic bottles every year. Just imagine if you dispose minimum one plastic bottle a week, that will be 52 in a year. I couldn't get a visual of how many bottles that would be per person per year and think about counting soft drinks as well as other beverages that using plastic container.  Moreover, these bottles are mostly not biodegradable and relatively poor recycling rate. Aside from that, quintals of crude oil are mined to create the plastic which gets treated, pelleted, packaged and shipped to consumers worldwide. This harmful processes are wreaking havoc on our planet.
This is how the idea of rOcean pop in, aim to save the community by creating a water filter but also act as a carbonator. The rOcean’s propostion is to basically replace any form of bottled water. This device supply pristine still water, electrolytic water, fizzy sparkling water and all depends on what you want to have at that moment. In addition, rOcean was designed to purify and prepare any kind of water you want as to stay hydrated. Its advanced submicron carbon block filter capable to filter 75 different contaminants renders safest drinkable water. The carbonation unit fizzes up the water inside, rather than building pressure within drinking bottle. In another words, you can fill up water in all sort of bottle or even drink from a glass. Hence, rOcean’s also come with a thought to design a reusable, dishwasher friendly flavouring pod that can be replenished monthly through rOcean environmental friendly refill packages or do your own recipes. Definitely sounds creative and cool to you, isn’t?
The incredible part was rOcean created companion iOS / Android app in order to keep track on how many bottles you have saved, but most importantly the main purpose of doing so is to encourage users to utilize their pods. They even step further in convenience, providing smart speaker to allow you to talk or inform it to serve water even in another room. Nevertheless, the rOcean also furnish a complete streamlined for long term basis by offering services such as auto order carbonation cylinders, filter replacements, so the only time you lift your muscle is to drink a glass of refreshing water!
I would say the rOcean is a worth to buy, is much more convenient than you buy Perrier every time you feel thirsty… for you as well as the planet.



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Harwinder Singh

Harwinder Singh

is this available here in Malaysia ?

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