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Our life is busy. I believe most of us have encountered that later day fridge purge where we may ask โ€œhow long has this been in here?โ€ This ends up become food wastage. Research found that Americans throw away 40 percent of foods they bring home.


Yet we are bad at retaining them.

We are way pass food just being something to sustain our life. Food is a source of joy and centre of our attraction, careย and photography!

Todays, our food may not be smart but this tribute a chance to enhance your containers meanwhile preserving our food. Ovie claimed to be worldโ€™s first smart container. The team startup from Chigago, launching their first innovative product with desire of helping people cut down food waste and better keep trace on what is in the refrigerator.ย 

Ovieโ€™s Smarterware adopted Bluetooth connected โ€œSmart Tagsโ€, little button that can affix to containers, boxes, food clips & etc.ย 

Each of the tag contained a light ring for the purpose of informing users instantly on how fresh the item is. When the light is green, food is still solid (eating-wise). Yellow indicates to finish up the product soon and definitely red mean need to be throw it out.ย 
Thus, how does this little cute tag actually know when food has spoilt. Well, this part will have to depend on the users. First, simply just input information in the companion app about what kind of food is in Smarterware or tagged container, either by inserting manually or by notifying Alexa.

Technology applied in Ovieโ€™s app will remind plenty of time left to use the food, also, suggestion on what to use which limits to one notification per day. In addition, Alexa provide recipe ideas or even propose what should cook with leftover ingredients. Notably, Ovieโ€™s team are working hard to make Ovie to be compatible to all smart home speakers.

Smarterware will hits the market in coming future. The functionality is similar to Samsung Family Hub Fridge, in spite of spending thousands for new appliance, a three pack buttons will positively meet the satisfaction.


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