Duex is your on-the-go dual screen laptop monitor

Duex is your on-the-go dual screen laptop monitor - Storming Gravity

Most of us need to work outside or meeting with another person in a café or restaurant but it is always hard to display multiple results at the same time.

The benefits of today’s technology make portable computing devices not a dream anymore. Introducing Duex, a product from Mobile Pixels is a truly on-the-go dual screen laptop accessory. It attaches behind your laptop and it guarantees to boost your productivity up to 50%.

The concept is quite simple and cool. Duex can work with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and Chrome devices by providing a 12.5” display with 1080p resolution. Just attach it to the back of your laptop and slide it out once you need additional screen. Duex can be connected via single USB-C cable to the host computer and the bonus is that it won’t drain your laptop’s battery much.

Duex not only able to extend your primary monitor as well as able to angle Duex screen for better viewing by flipping all the way back in order to share the image of the screen with someone sit opposite you.  

The founder even writes,” multiple screens provide flexibility to work on several applications at once without switching tabs on the same screen which improve work efficiency. “

In a nut shell, Duex is a simple yet neat product that has potential of boosting your productivity without adding any burden on your laptop and comes with reasonable price too!



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how much is it




How much is this?
Is it compatible to any laptops?
What sizes are available?
Do you deliver to Brunei?

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