Conceptual Product for all Phone Addicts!

Conceptual Product for all Phone Addicts! - Storming Gravity

Smartphones are addictive. The buzzing of push notifications, nagging social apps, and endless feeds create this perfect storm of distraction. We are warned about repercussions of using mobile phones before sleep. However, it keeps us constantly engaged with the device.                                                                                        

Nite is a conceptual design that helps to reduce the use of smartphones before sleep whilst simultaneously eliminating the anxiety of phones overheating during charging. This minimalist box designed to contain smartphones at night with a locked door keeping it away from our hands. So, when it closes, the transparent and electro-chromic window frost over in order to lessen the light emission. It is to ensure our sleeps will not be interrupted.

Most importantly, the phone can still be accessed by holding down the release button for 10 seconds for emergency use. Personally, I will feel this product is quite useful for all of us to ameliorate our bad habits.




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