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According to research, almost half of the working adults will experience some form of back pain including youngsters. This is what we used to hear the term ‘aching back’. Apparently, this is a result of long hour poor posture in front of desk jobs. In fact, youngsters at age 25 will have this kind of issue. However, we should prevent ourselves from severe and chronic back pain.

Good posture is not only importantly to cure back pain, instead this habit makes people look younger and slimmer. Posture is important as it affect our health, mood and motivation. Moreover, it can product better quality and efficient at work.

Betterback isn’t particularly pretty and its name is a little gimmicky, but this device could be the answer to our back-pain problem. The design looks like a harness with a soft pad that sits behind and a set of connected straps that can place over knees as you sit. This is how the magic works by using the tension from the straps to correct your posture and relieve pressure from improper spinal alignment, effectively eliminating discomfort.  

The founder suggests that you use the BetterBack every day for about 15 to 30 minutes to train your muscles and correct sitting posture. You also can put it on all day for more comfortable sitting experience. The device can be easily fold up neatly in built – in zippered pouch, so it can be easily transported for use at anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, you don’t need to lean back in your chair as you can lean against the brace for support, in another words, you are supporting yourselves instead of relaxing in chair. This is whole new type of pain relief. BetterBack mainly focusing on stabilizing the pelvis, it is not traditional way of improving posture because it doesn’t affect the shoulder area at all.

BetterBack don’t need to have a diagnosed spinal injury to help your back. It wasn’t necessarily invented to help severe spinal problems and it just to act as an assistant to reduce your discomfort. Most of the reviews have proven that this device helps as much as it did, imagine how accommodating it would be for others who experience general irritation from misaligned posture.

In conclusion, this posture trainers concept is innovative. It’s perfect for those who work sitting down. It’s not only for better posture but for better mood and productivity too. It’s worth the investment if this sounds like something you could use for long time.



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