The Tennis Pro - Powerful G-Spot Vibrator for Women

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The Tennis Pro - Powerful G-Spot Vibrator for Women - Storming Gravity

The Tennis Pro - Powerful G-Spot Vibrator for Women

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Did you know what we call the G-spot is actually a zone on the vagina’s front wall where it comes in contact with the internal structure of the clitoris? This internal vibrator features a rounded head to provide a powerful massage of that area. Discover the pleasure of G-spot stimulation and orgasm.

Size: 15.3cm x 3cm x 4.2cm

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How To Use Your G-Spot Vibrator?

Did you know that what we call G-spot is actually a zone up the front wall of the vagina that comes in contact with the internal structure of the clitoral via a cluster of tissue called the urethral sponge? A less punchy name, but anatomically more accurate. In this page, we share Smile Makers' favourite tips on how to use G-spot vibrator the Tennis Pro. But before we start the session, let's start with a bit of theory about our internal pleasure anatomy and how to stimulate it using your sensual you.

Find your G Spot

Get to know your vagina. Using your fingers (washed, with trimmed nails) feel inside toward the anterior wall of the vagina. You may feel a slightly rougher texture. This is urethral sponge which is where the g-spot is also regarded as being located. Now using the G-spot vibrator explore this zone for any erogenous sensations.

Find The Right Angle For G-Spot Stimulation

As you insert the Tennis Pro inside your vagina, make sure its rounded head is looking toward the front wall. Use this internally to gyrate and swirl gently as you discover your most inner erogenous zone. You can gently apply it on several different spots to explore yourself.

Play With The Tempo Of Your Vibrator

Build up the sensation by playing with the speeds. As you find your G-spot, experiment with the 2 pulsation modes to deliver a more intense G-spot massage!

Enjoy Outercourse With Your Vibrator

Our Tennis Pro may be a G-spot vibrator, but it does not mean you have to rush your way in! You can start by applying its rounded head on the clitoris glans, using speed 1 then speed 2 for a gentle build up. You can also massage the labia around the vagina.

Best G-Spot Vibrator for Women

The Tennis Pro is a silent internal vibrator made of a cryogenically polished silicone for a very smooth feel on the skin. Its shape has been carefully crafted using research on female pleasure anatomy, and is optimal for who wants to try a G-spot vibrator. Fully waterproof, you can use it in the shower or in the bathtub, and it's very easy to clean.

From G-Spot Stimulation to Blended Orgasm

Since the G-spot in women is an area where both vagina and clitoris get stimulated, using a vibrator to massage it can lead to powerful orgasms. The Tennis Pro features a rounded head to deliver spot-on stimulation massage. You can play with its 4 speeds and 2 pulsation modes to build up pleasure, and experience a new kind of orgasm.

The Tennis Pro - Tips to G-Spot Stimulation

To discover the wonders of G-spot orgasm in women, insert gently the Tennis Pro inside the vagina with its rounded head facing the front wall. Explore this area to find your pleasure spot. We're all different, and G-spot stimulation does not work the same for all of us. Experiment with the speeds and pulsations to see what you like best.


The G-spot vibrator looks a little hard, won't that hurt inside?

This G-spot vibrator is made of super soft silicone, and the neck to its rounded head is slightly bendable to adjust to your intimate anatomy. You will find its insertion very gentle, and you can always using lubricant. The rounded head has been designed to target your G-spot specifically, but you can start by applying it on the clitoris glans and giving yourself an external massage to prepare your body for penetration.

Why do G-spot vibrators have a different shape than other internal vibrators?

G-spot vibrators are designed to stimulate a specific area on the front wall of the vagina, that would not be reachable with a straight shape. That's why the Tennis Pro G-spot vibrator features a rounded head and a neck with a specific angle, to bring the vibration to that internal erogenous zone.

How do you design a G-spot vibrator?

When we design each and every one of our vibrators, we base measurements on scientific research about the female pleasure anatomy. For example, we look at the average length of the vaginal canal, and the average distance between the vaginal entrance and the area where the internal structure of the clitoris comes in contact with the front wall of the vagina. That area is what we call the G-spot.

How do I reach my G-spot with the G-spot vibrator?

When you insert the G-spot vibrator the Tennis Pro, make sure its rounded head s facing the front wall of your vagina. Then take you time to explore that area and play with the different speeds and pulsation modes to feel if a zone is more sensitive than others.