KableCARD 2021 - Multi-functional Cable Essentials For Your Phone

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KableCARD 2021 - Multi-functional Cable Essentials For Your Phone - Storming Gravity

KableCARD 2021 - Multi-functional Cable Essentials For Your Phone


ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)

Pickup available at ecoSky, Kuala Lumpur (Appointments Required)
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In 2018, KableCARD was successfully launched, it is as small, light, and multifunctional as a Swiss army knife. People love it! Therefore, they kept the original functions, and upgraded them. Now, KableCARD 2021 is not just the same but better.

What's new?
1. 7.5W for iPhone/10W for Android Wireless Charging Speed
2. Magnetic Locator for iPhone 12/13 or all Magsafe accessories
3. Silicone Cable + Enhanced Adapter
4. More colour, Greener Packaging

*SDXC/SDXC Memory Card can only be read when connected to USB-A 2.0 connector

7.5W/10W Wireless Charging

We upgraded the wireless charger output from 5W to 7.5W*. With a faster charging speed, more time is saved.

7.5W for iPhone, 10W for Android

Magnetic Locator

New design of magnetic locator for iPhone 12/13 accurately aligns the phone on the charging spot. It supports all iphone 12/13 series(mini/Pro/Max.)

Silicone Cable + Enhanced Adapter

We replaced the cable material with environmentally friendly silicone. It is more flexible and durable than previous version. Being resistant to deformation, you can flex the cable freely to adjust it for different purposes. The adapters are made from upgraded parts (Soldered PCB >>Insert PCB) to enhance the durability.

More Colours

In addition to black and white, we are also introducing new colors, Ruby and Sapphire. The translucent design conveys functionality clearly. Various options to meet your need!

What's the Problem?

You have so many different chargers, for your phones (iPhone and Android), tablet, travel adapters, portable battery and more Type C devices coming up. BUT, you can't throw away all of your old micro USB devices, and Apple just wouldn't give up on their lightning connector. So, the question is, how many types of cables do you need for all of your devices?

The answer is 6. There are at least six essential cables that you need.

We've all been there, searching frantically for the right cable for a particular device. Murphy's Law reminded us that you probably wouldn't have the right cable in time of emergency, when you need to charge your device the most.

How easy is it to bring 6 different types of cable with you at all times? We say very. Very easy!

What is KableCARD?

6 Types of Cable in a Card

KableCARD is a revolutionary design that integrates all the essential and most frequently used cables connectors; a near 1 foot long Type C base cable with 3 types of adapters which makes up to 6 different types of cables.

You'd imagine something that contains the function of having 6 types of cables AND wireless charging to be quite heavy and definitely bulky. Well, that would defeat the purpose of it being portable and assessable whenever you are, wouldn't it?

We designed to be as small and light as a credit card, with a thickness of 0.3inch only.

Wireless Charging

But what about that phone you bought that supports wireless charging? KableCARD is designed with a wireless charge. When Kable CARD is plugged into a power source, it acts as a wireless charger for your device. With or without wire, it's all up to you.

Efficient & Organized

The great thing about having cables and essentials to be designed as a card dimension is that it's just so neat. Everyone has to dig around their bag looking for the right cable among other cables and objects lying around in the depth of the bag - but not you. With KableCARD, you don't even have think about which type of cable to bring. Just slide the CARD out of your wallet or pocket. Whenever, and wherever you need.

More Than Cable


When you're traveling overseas, you'd buy a local SIM card so that you wouldn't receive an outrageous phone bill afterwards. KableCARD includes a SIM ejector pin and 2 nano SIM card storage. It might look simple, but makes a significant difference when the occasion arises.

Memory Reader

When there is no internet, no email access, how do you transfer a file to someone? Thumb-Drive works but wait, what if someone only has Type C ports. What now?

No worries, KableCARD can read memory cards and support both Type A (Standard USB) and Type C. All done!

Phone Cradle

Long flight? Movie? Landscape mode and hands-free? Yes, yes and yes. One second to set up KableCARD as a cradle. What makes it even more awesome, is that you can watch movie on your phone hands-free WHILE charging it at the same time! (Don't forget that KableCARD supports wireless charging as well.)

Ambient Light

KableCARD has elevated the ease and convenience for smartphone users. But at the same time, we, as designers, are concerned about the long term influence of smartphone usage, in particular, the harmful effect on your eyes when using smartphones in the dark or even dim environment.

According to multiple studies and reports from the American Optometric Association (AOA), some main symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or Digital Eye Strain includes headache, blurred vision and eyestrain. One of the major cause of this is reading or staring at screens with poor lighting.

That's why we designed a three-stage switch 3000K LED on KC7, with both diffusion foil and diffuse reflection sheet, reflecting soft diffused light of 1W on table tops (when KableCARD is used as a cradle) or on the wall, creating effective biased lighting to protect your eyes.


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