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TRU VIRTU - Storming Gravity


TRU VIRTU® products are made from a fully sealed aluminium-polymer-compound. This is what keeps the scanner’s radio waves from getting in touch with the RFID-chip and hereby blocks the scanning and protects the stored data.

TRU VIRTU® products meet the highest safety standards and were successfully tested in the USA according to the "GSA-Opaque Sleeve” method.

The fully sealed aluminium-polymer compound of TRU VIRTU® products protects cards from electromagnetic radiation and therefore from demagnetisation, which can be caused not only by mobile phones and notebooks, but also through magnets from purses and wallets.

That’s why TRU VIRTU® products make a perfect "pocket-safe” in mini-format.


The CLASSIC LINE comes in bright intense colors and a high-glossy sleek metallic surface, which is the ideal entry line within the TRU VIRTU® assortment.

The SILK LINE convinces of its stylish matt surface which is created by a special complex treatment by handcraft. With its satin-finished special aluminium surface it presents the Premium Line within the TRU VIRTU® assortment.

The new LEATHER LINE convinces with finest Italian leather in a classical look. It captivates with the ideal combination of leather and aluminium within one product and joins the advantage of both materials in a perfect way “Luxury meets Security”. The LEATHER LINE presents the High-End line within the TRU VIRTU® assortment.