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Freka facewear - Premium Reusable Mask from U.K. - Storming Gravity

Inspired by the engineering of a gas mask and the aesthetics of your lifestyle, FREKA creates facewear which combines ergonomics with high end tailoring for an optimal breathing experience.


For a mask to work properly, it is extremely important to create a complete seal on the face that is both comfortable and air tight. The sealing needs to follow the lines of the face as flawless as possible and distribute the pressure in such a way that sensitive areas are avoided. A flawless fit reduces the risk of contaminated air entering the mask unfiltered.


The inner airflow dictates the ease of breathing for the wearer. Small disturbances in the airflow can cost energy which in turn makes it more difficult to breathe. For this reason, everything needs to be arranged to let the air flow from the filters inside as efficiently as possible, whilst exhaled air needs to be free to exit the mask quickly.


Filtering the air is done in multiple stages to ensure all contaminations are removed. A particle filter removes all solid and liquid contaminants like pollution and bacteria. Following, activated carbon fibre removes gasses and odours from the air. This will leave you breathing in the freshest air possible.

FREKA consists of three main components. The Wing protects filter, blocks 99% of UV rays. It is designed with its 3D shape to complement the shape of your face. The Filter, created from the highest grade filter combined with a layer of Activated Carbon Fibre, ensures fresh air. Finally, the Insert creates a comfortable and air tight sealing whilst also improving the ease of breathing.


The 3D shape of the wing follows the contours of your face and avoids sensitive areas. Leading to its unique and innovative โ€œU-shapeโ€. The Wing is made by qualified factories where quality is held in the highest regards.


FREKAโ€™s four layered filter helps to ensure you breathe only the finest air. While one of our layers protects against over 95% of PM2.5 (small solid objects the size of one hundredth of a hair), Activated Carbon Fibre layer removes most gaseous pollutants such as SO2, and NO2.


Designed to the highest standards through in-depth facial analysis, the Insert adapts to your face for a perfect seal and remarkable comfort. The Nose Fit Adjuster features a ballooning design that adjusts to your nose using Scissor-Movement technology to provide a customised fit for effortless breathing.

The Internal Ventilation System has a unique Exhalation Valve with flip movement function, which allows warm and humid air to exit freely from the Insert.


What is FREKA?

FREKA is ergonomically designed facewear that filters and refreshes the air you breathe. It is made up of two key parts: a fabric exterior Wing and an interior filter, designed based on ergonomics to contour the face for a superior fit and functionality, solving the existing issues of pollution masks such as air-leakage, discomfort, ruining-make-up, and humidity.

What's the difference between FaceWear and Flow 2

Freka Flow 2 is designed for outdoor lover, it is the most premium design within its range. Flow 2 is carefully handmade in U.K., it is designed for lasting long (up to 5 years).

Freka Facewear is the entry level mask by Freka, it is lighter than Flow 2, suitable for minimalist-design lover.

How long can FREKAโ€™s Insert and Wing be used for?

Aside from the Vitaliser and Filter which should be replaced after a maximum of two weeks from being removed from their individual sealed packaging, the Insert and Wing can be used for up to 3 years with proper maintenance.

Please follow the instructions below on how to best take care of your FREKA facewear:

Wing: Handwash in lukewarm water. Iron only on lowest heat if necessary.
Insert: Handwash in lukewarm water or clean with gentle disinfectant wipe.
Filter: Depending on pollution levels and usage, the average usage period for each filter is about 7 days. We recommend changing the filter after a maximum of two weeksโ€™ usage.

Is Freka certified?

Freka receives the iF Designer Award, and it receives EN1827:1999+A1:2009 & BS EN149:2001 +A1:2009 certification in U.K., from it's testing result, it performs better than FFP2 standard.