NIID Decode : Versatile and Customized Tech Sling

NIID Decode : Versatile and Customized Tech Sling - Storming Gravity

The brilliant NIID team is going to launch a new version of bag. Nowadays, gadgets have become a daily necessity such as our smartphones, tablet, laptop or portable battery.

However, backpacks often are huge and heavy as well as lots of empty space that will gets wasted. Moreover, it will get bulky when you stuff your belongings inside your backpack. On the other hand, sling bags are lightweight and convenient, but the downside is most of the sling bags are small. Thus, it couldnโ€™t fit large size electronics such as laptops, tablets, camera or the popular Nintendo Switch.

That is how the idea of Decode Tech Sling came into mind. Designed to be compact and slim with a light weight of 800g. Dual storage chambers dedicated for laptop, tablets, iPad or any electronics that is below 13โ€™ inch. The first convertible sling bag and highly customizable due to its flexible uni-body design that allows seamless experience from work to play. In addition, the bag can be flattened and be packed into closet or luggage without taking up extra space.

The Decode tech sling also being considerate as it is equipped with two side pockets for bottle storage. Also, the bag came with quick access that allow you to grab your camera as easy as a snap of fingers whenever and wherever you need it.

Ergonomic shoulder strap help to ease the weight on your shoulder to avoid muscle pain after carrying for long hour.ย  On top of that,ย  Decode has built in quick access pocket on the strap for cards and earphones.

NIID Decode Tech Sling is a good choice for any occasion, no matter you are going for a travel, daily commute, occasional photographing or even biking.





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