eBeam Smartpen - Handwriting vs typing: Is the pen still mightier than the keyboard?

eBeam Smartpen - Handwriting vs typing: Is the pen still mightier than the keyboard? - Storming Gravity

Research suggests that taking notes by hand helps people retain knowledge better than simply typing it.

When was the last time you actually wrote something using pen and paper out of pleasure? Do we express ourselves more freely and clearly with a pen than with a keyboard?


For those who have almost forgotten the art of handwriting, the eBeam Smartpen by Luidia is here to remind us that handwriting is a pleasure.Itโ€™s a gadget that allows you to capture everything you write on any paper or any surface. Now you can say goodbye to constantly buying expensive notepads.

You can share your handwritten notes and doodles in real time with this smart pen. Itโ€™s perfect use for student taking notes in class, a guy in a meeting or just someone want to handwrite a note to a friend overseas.


The eBeam Smartpen comprises three main components: The pen itself, a sensor that tracks the penโ€™s movements, and a case that holds them both. The Smartpen includes a stylus nib on the bottom of the charging case that can be used instead of the ink cartridge.

The eBeam Smartpen can be used with any paper so you don't have to buy expensive special notebooks. Share your drawings in real time with our meeting application. Viewers can even participate on the digital canvas with permissions. Or, use it to send personal chat messages with your natural handwriting using your preferred messaging application.

Source : www.luidia.com/smartpen


Enjoy the hands-on immediacy of putting pen to paper, teamed with all the advantages of digital creativity.

Learn more :ย www.storminggravity.com/products/moleskine-smart-writing-set

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