What's their difference? - Fizzics Draftpour & Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle

What's their difference? - Fizzics Draftpour & Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle - Storming Gravity



In this summer, all you need is an amazing summer beverage to beat the heat. Whether you like beer, juice or coffee, Fizzics Draftpour and Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle give you the perfect experience for making your favorite beverages.

Fizzics Draftpour is a home beer dispenser which is able to convert your favorite bottles or cans of beers into a nitro-style draft with its popular Micro-Foam Technology. It creates a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. But only limited to beer.

On the other hand, Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle is a beverage device which can change the taste of any beverages by turning them gentler and more defined. You can choose from CO2, N2 or N2O cartridge, mix them with any of your preferred beverage and get ready to be surprised, nitro beer, nitro coffee, you name it!

Both of them are portable, you can bring them to party and share with your friends. Additionally, Fizzics Draftpour is battery (2 AA) or USB driven while Bubblingplus is non-battery operated, the air pressure will push the beverage out from the container.


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