Fly LegsUp - Stress-free flights for your sleeping beauty & baby boy

Fly LegsUp - Stress-free flights for your sleeping beauty & baby boy - Storming Gravity


The Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock is a comfort aid designed to fly long distances more comfortably by enabling you to elevate your feet and legs into different positions by the support of inflatable pillows.

This handy aid is undeniably the best travel companion for family travels on long hauls flights, make the most of your space available when you fly economy.

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The hammock and the pillows can be arranged into different positions. You can make a flat platform for kids to sleep and play on, just like their bed at home. They have more room to spread out and play and it helps to avoid toys falling onto the floor and getting lost.

The Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock comes with two options for both kids and adults, it helps to reduce stress on your back and legs and it’s compact and easy to carry. Let you find the most comfortable position and sleep tight during your tedious journey. 

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Fly LegsUp Testimonials
 "17hr + 7hr flights...We had a cute and quiet little sleeping beauty" - @travel, Emirates
"Other than the fellow passengers with kids on our 17hr + 7hr flights home today we had a cute and quiet little sleeping beauty 😍 thanks @fly_legsup 🎉" @travellingwithspecialkids, flying Emirates
"He was so comfy and happy...he slept for 7 out of the 8 hours" - Fiona
 "This was our first time using Fly LegsUp and I definitely would highly recommend to anyone travelling with young children.
We travelled 8 hours to Orlando with our 17 month old and he was so comfy and happy in his own space that it helped mummy and daddy enjoy the flight a bit more!
On the way out, he was awake but loved the space to stretch out, move around without dropping any toys and look out the window to see the view from the air.
On the return flight he slept for 7 out of the 8 hours. Having his own space meant he didn't toss and turn and slept soundly until we had to wake him up to land! Our little bag will definitely be getting packed wherever we might travel to next!" - Fiona (from Scotland), flying Virgin Atlantic
"It was like we have a lounge" - @wayfarersatlas, Virgin Australia
"It was like we have a lounge along the window for them! ...We flew Virgin Australia. We are still overseas. Looking forward to using it on our flight home which is a partial night flight!" - @wayfarersatlas, flying Virgin Australia
"Totally changed our flying experience" - Sadie, Qantas
"So we used the hammock on all legs of our flights including two Qantas flights!!! Totally changed our flying experience thanks xx...Everyone commented on how good Piper was and it’s the only flights she has ever behaved on" - Sadie, flying Qantas
"At 27 weeks pregnant it was an enormous help!" - Isla, United Airlines
"At 27 weeks pregnant, I was really dreading being on a  return 15-hour flight to New York from Hong Kong. The Fly LegsUp hammock made a huge difference. It was easy to set up, even in my squashed economy seat, and having my legs elevated and the option to sit different ways, was an enormous help! I would recommend for anyone travelling long-haul!" - Isla, flying United Airlines

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