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Y-Brush by FasTeesH - Storming Gravity

"It’s always important to maintain an attractive smile. A lighter, less beige, more white tooth colour is the key. If you are looking for effortless but thorough cleaning, this is the article you need to read."

We brush our teeth every day. But, do we clean our teeth properly? We might be surprised that how dirty our oral can get. According to research, most of the people admitted to brush their teeth less than twice a day and on average less than 2 minutes duration. Benjamin Cohen, CEO of FasTeesH explains "Today, people think of teeth brushing as a strenuous and tedious chore. The daily routine has become speedy and inefficient. Y-Brush was created to improve the oral hygiene issue.”


Thanks to innovation happening today, Y-brush adopted bass-brushing method which generally recommended by health professionals and dentist. In fact, the team recreated a toothbrush functions like an electric toothbrush which activates with sonic vibrations and its head is in the shape of Y conferring complete coverage of all teeth in mouth.  

Despite from all features, nylon bristles lead a higher efficacy in terms of dental plaque removal providing same cleaning consistency every time you use, thus this is the reason why Y-brush is better than conventional toothbrush that employed methods like silicone strips. Also, with various sonic vibration settings, this toothbrush capable to handle sensitive mouth and ensure the best brushing experience possible.


Effortless Cleaning
In a rush? Not a problem.
Y-brush cleans your teeth 4x longer per tooth in 10 seconds.
Comfortable Design
Y-Brush will have the whole family wanting to show off their grins.
it comes in 4 different sizes (2 adults, 1 intermediary, 1 children) so that everyone in the family can get a better clean.
Antibacterial & Waterproof
Y-Brush make it an easy to clean and care for. 
Clean it with running water like you would with your normal toothbrush. The handle is made with ABS, keeping the motors and battery safe from water.
Wireless Charging
Y-Brush’s dock keeps it charged without messy cords.
Now, everyone in your household can share its cleaning technology as the handle is interchangeable. Supplied with the kit is a docking station that connects to a power socket.  The handle itself sits on the charging stand and charges wirelessly. Sleek design of the dock keep your counters clean.
Use your own toothpaste
Stay with the brands you love
Here’s no need to buy special toothpaste to operate Y-Brush. It included an applicator that can be screwed onto a tube of toothpaste to help with the application into the mouthpiece.
1 month of brushing on a single charge
Longer lasting than usual
After 8 hours on charge, the brush can last for a whole month between charges.
Check the video below: 
Source: https://www.fasteesh.com

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