This might change your everyday Morning !

This might change your everyday Morning ! - Storming Gravity

Itโ€™s holiday seasons now. Understandably, it is not easiest time of the year to get out of bed. You might need help to feel motivated to get up in the bleak December, you need this alarm clock. If you are finding it hard to wake up in the morning after a relaxing two weeks Christmas, hate waking to the sound of rain lashing at window or having the habit to hit snooze button at least three times every early morning, then Ruggie can solve your morning struggles.

Basically, Ruggie is a rug carpet made with comfortable memory foam and an alarm built in. The only way to silence this alarm is to plant your foot on it for three seconds. In fact, these three seconds will ensure you are fully awake to start your brand-new day. Itโ€™s claimed that this lack of snooze function will better assist to feel optimistic and more productive throughout the day. Certainly, hitting snooze few times in a row and having to rush to get to work is more barren in results.

Ruggie gives you a little boost too. It allows you to customise sounds straight after the alarm has ended like motivational speech. Just simply hook it up to laptop via USB and transfer whichever sounds you prefer.

After researching the sleeping patterns of athletes, entrepreneurs and politicians, the founder created this for those who wants to wake early and seize the day really do catch a worm.



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