The Neck Hammock - Better Neck Pain Relief at Your Door

The Neck Hammock - Better Neck Pain Relief at Your Door - Storming Gravity

Neck pain is a common problem with few solutions. But thanks to The Neck Hammock, thatโ€™s about to change. The Neck Hammock brings the miracle of cervical traction to your home in the form of a simple, portable device you can use every day.

It helps release muscle tension in as little as 10 minutes a day and for less than the cost of a single physical therapy session.

If you have frequent neck pain or know someone who does, you know itโ€™s not an easy problem to get rid of. Medications simply dull the pain but do not eliminate it. And visits to your physical therapist are costly and time-consuming. Other products have tried to bring neck pain relief home through cervical traction (a light stretching of the neck) but these devices are bulky, hard to operate and often ineffective.

Neck Hammock is the first affordable cervical traction device that does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is lie back and relax.

The Neck Hammock helps the muscles relax and gradually stretch.

This allows for the intervertebral space to expand and allow better blood flow and circulation.

Better circulation helps to oxygenate muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments which leads to decreased pain and increased mobility.

Itโ€™s hard to believe that one device could relieve tension headaches, release pinched nerves, reduce herniated discs and relieve overall pressure and yet, thatโ€™s exactly what The Neck Hammock does.

Feel your muscles opening up and your neck pain slipping away for good!

Cervical traction is the process of relaxing and stretching the neck muscles to increase blood flow and circulation. But the problem with most cervical traction devices is that itโ€™s hard to use them consistently.

Neck Hammock makes it easy to treat neck pain consistently, which is the key to curing it. Because itโ€™s portable and only takes 10 minutes to be effective, Neck Hammock is the only cervical traction solution you can (and will want to) use every day.

Neck Hammock was created by a licensed physical therapist who saw the need for a product his patients could easily use at home.

Because Neck Hammock is backed by science, you can feel comfortable using it just as the doctor ordered.Itโ€™s like having a physical therapist with you all the time.

Unlike other devices out there, Neck Hammock is small and portable, so you can take it anywhere with you.

All you have to do is find a good place to chill, no matter where you are.

The problem with many cervical traction treatments is that they cost a lot of time and money. Neck Hammock just requires 10 minutes of your time, and it costs less than the amount of a single physical therapy session.

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What is cervical traction?

A highly effective method of applying a distraction force used to relieve neck pain for individuals suffering from arthritis, herniated and/or bulging discs, cervical muscle strains and spasms.

Cervical traction works by gently pulling the head away from the neck. By doing so:

The muscles begin to relax and gradually stretch, along with ligaments around the spine.

The intervertebral space expands, which brings blood flow, circulation, and nutrition to the areas which were being compressed.

Increased circulation helps to oxygenate muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments, which leads to decreased pain and increased mobility.

Pinched nerves are released. Herniated and bulging discs reduce. pressure is relieved.

What makes The Neck Hammock Different?

In the past, individuals could only receive traction at a physical therapist's office. But these visits are often time-consuming, inconvenient, and costly.

Today, there are many at-home cervical traction devices, but most are complex, cumbersome, bulky, expensive, and potentially injurious.

What is needed is an easy to use, compact, non-marring, effective traction device that minimizes discomfort and avoids potentially injurious stresses, while giving the patient ultimate relaxation and pain relief.

And that's how and why The Neck Hammock was created!

Can The Neck Hammock replace physical therapy?

While The Neck Hammock achieves many of the same benefits of physical and massage therapy, it is not meant to replace these modalities.

The Neck Hammock is meant to be a complement to these therapies, which can be used every day to help relieve pain and protect against future injury.

Can anyone use The Neck Hammock?

The Neck Hammock is ideal for:

-ย  ย Office workers
-ย  ย Students
-ย  ย Athletes
-ย  ย Anyone who sits for extended periods of time
-ย  ย Business travelers
-ย  ย Drivers

Do not use The Neck Hammock if you have:

-ย  ย Acute Cervical Injury
-ย  ย Spinal Instability
-ย  ย Spinal Hypermobility
-ย  ย Neck Tumors
-ย  ย Rheumatoid Arthritis
-ย  ย Osteomyelitis
-ย  ย Under age of 16



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