Petit Pli - Clothes that grow with your child

Petit Pli - Clothes that grow with your child - Storming Gravity

Most of the parents had, or are having, this kind of struggle: Your kids are growing too fast that you need to buy new clothes every few months! What if there's a cloth that can be wore for a very long time, and durable at the same time? Now, Petit Pli can satisfy your imagination.


Graduated from Royal College of Art, Ryan Mario Yasin, the founder found a garment he liked for his nephew, but by the time he travelled to Denmark to gift it, it had already been outgrown.

Ryan was trained as an aeronautical engineer, and specialising in deployable structures, Ryan decided that he would find the solution to ill-fitting children's clothes. Petit Pli strives to create the most advanced technical children's clothing in the world.


The Petit Pli was designed to compensate for the drastic growth during a child’s earliest years. Children grow up to 7 sizes in their first 24 months after birth which equates to a lot of wasted clothing.

The design of the Petit Pli is wonderful, it’s a cross where function and form collide to create a timeless get up. Petit Pli’s technical materials and custom pleated design make for a lightweight, robust article of clothing, essential for any new parent. 

They have created outerwear that is just better. It's lightweight so you can put it in your pocket, it's rainproof and windproof to protect your child from the elements. It continuously adjusts it's size so it'll never be bulky and restrictive! However, it is not ready for sale yet, if you'd like to know the information when they are available, register below!

Source: Petit Pli


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Hi im from Malaysia🇲🇾 ,can you let me know how to buy this product for my baby??

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