FLYTE - Levitating light bulb

FLYTE - Levitating light bulb - Storming Gravity

Simon Morris, the art scientist has invented a revolutionary wireless light bulb that levitates, innovative and high-design for home decor. The concept was inspired by a hoverboard when he was a child.

This smart FLYTE levitating light bulb cleverly uses magnets to float in the air and hover above a wooden base. Nevertheless, it can be easily switch on and off by touching the base.

FLYTE requires no batteries as it powered through the air via induction. In other words, the concept work with an electromagnet as the current flow through it then it will instantly generate electricity to the bulb.

In a nut shell,ย FLYTE has employedย avant-garde green technologyย that usesย electromagnetic field and mercury particles to create a fluorescent, UV light; method was originate from Nikola Tesla. Along with this, FLYTE adopted energy efficient LED lights to ensure safety and longevity. It will stay illuminated up to 50,000 hours. This leads to a jaw dropping result of 12 hours a day for 11 years. ย 

FLYTE is another floating gadget that will shines in the market. It is coolest and luxurious decoration of all time.

Check out the video below:


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