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BluSnap helmet - A life saver for motorcyclist that cool down your face

BluSnap helmet - A life saver for motorcyclist that cool down your face - Storming Gravity

Commuting to work on a two-wheeler is a hot, sweating and irritating experience, especially on a long ride. BluSnap helmet - launched by BluArmor in India, is a battery-operated cooling systems that attaches to riderโ€™s helmet and cools the interior through evaporative cooling.

Proven by real-life test, BluSnap helmet is capable of lowering the temperature inside your helmet up to 15 degrees in the hot weather.


BluSnap helmet consists of a water tank and a fan that blows cool air through a replaceable anti-bacterial filter. The whole system runs off a rechargeable battery that has a claimed 10-hour battery life.


It is worn around the mouth-vents on the front of a full-face helmet, and is held to said helmet via a goggle-style strap. A small tube runs into the helmet under the chin to deliver cool, particulate-free air to the rider. BluSnap reportedly fits any full-face helmet and can be turned on and off at the switch of a button.ย 

Source:ย https://bluarmorhelmets.comย 

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