Backpack - Relax by Maya Prokhorova

Backpack - Relax by Maya Prokhorova - Storming Gravity

Now, we don't have enough time for proper relaxation anymore, most of us will grab a chance the take a nap on train, in the car, while you're waiting your food, or even in your meeting room. Designed by a Russian Designer, a Reddot Award Winner, the backpack - Relax provides maximal comfort while you travel.

Always difficult to find a sleeping position on the road? Now you can get comfy in the airport or train station you can take rest and feel well to continue your journey. 

The air container allows to transform your backpack into comfy pillow only in few seconds. It also protects your belongings inside the backpack from accidental damages. If you're taking Relax to your hiking trip in cold weather, you can fill the container with hot water and warm yourself up.


Source: Maya Prokhorova

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