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Want to stay productive? Here are our top 3 gadgets to help you!

Want to stay productive? Here are our top 3 gadgets to help you! - Storming Gravity

The pandemic makes work from home the new normal and telecommunicating will likely continue long after it. So, having a good WFH setup is significant as it can affect not only your productivity, but also your mental health. If you havenโ€™t yet rearranged your workstation to suit your needs, then itโ€™s probably time to get to it.

01. Moft Smart Desk Mat

No more headache looking at your workspace! The Moft Smart Desk Mat helps to declutter your desk, charge your tech and even make your workspace portable. The versatile mat elevates all devices simultaneously for fluent multitasking, allows you to slide to any angle you want to make viewing even more comfortable. Moreover, the built-in NFC tags simplify your deep work routine by letting you customize to personal preference with a wide range of work apps. For examples, Pomodoro, Asana, Slack etc.

02. ProBASE Gen 2

Designed to perfectly match your MacBook Pro, the impressive USB 3.1 computer stand does more than just elevate your displays. Apart of storing flash drives and other small accessories, it offers up to10 Gbps super-fast data transmission. Also, you will get bunch of connections through only โ€œoneโ€ USB-C cable and enjoy a crystal & smooth visual feast with up to 4K 60Hz video output.

03. Oakywood Triple Charging Dock

Eliminates messy cables. The minimalist wooden charging station offers a spot to dock your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch to charge simultaneously. It's only a one-hand operation to adjust and charge your devices, works with any case on your phone. Handmade from solid wood and finished with ecological oils, this triple dock is the only charging dock your bedside table will ever need!

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