The Best Power Adapters You May Need For Your Next Travel Abroad

The Best Power Adapters You May Need For Your Next Travel Abroad - Storming Gravity

01. MARU Travel Adaptor

Unlike most travel adapters, the MARU combines 4 products that are used frequently by a traveler, like power strip, universal adapter, laptop charger and USB charger. It can be used as a multi-socket universal adapter which accepts UK/EU and US/AU type with three travel sockets on the circumference, more uses and flexibility. Thanks to the unique ring design power strip, the socket heads would not be in conflict with each other. What’s more, it fits for all dual USB and supports up to 45W charging for the MacBook Pro 15" and 18W fast charging for mobile.

02. Zendure Passport Pro II

As the all-in-one world multi-function travel adapter, the Zendure Passport II Pro can fast charge most USB-C laptops and fully charge MacBook Pro 13’ in 2 hours with 61W USB-C power delivery. Moreover, it powers 6 devices at once with 5 USB ports (2 USB-C & 3 USB-A) plus 1 AC outlet, well-suited with outlets in over 200 countries. Also, it recovers from overload up to 6,000 times without service or replacement with the patented 10A auto-resetting fuse. The Passport II Pro allows you to fast charge your smartphones as it supports PD 3.0/QC 3.0/AFC/FCP/3A PPS quick charge protocols.

03. Mogics Super bagel

Compatibles with worldwide outlets, the MOGICS Super Bagel supports 2.0A USB fast charge with dual USB port, allows you to adjust the cord length to keep it organized with the revolutionary cord design. Unlike traditional outlet arrange, the integrated plug is designed and structured to be ergonomically easy to plug in, and plug out. What’s more, it offers Type-C 18W and USB-A 20W power delivery with auto reset fuse too.

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