Bellroy Cooler Tote - Review

Bellroy Cooler Tote - Review - Storming Gravity


It brewed from the idea of a puffer jacket on a chilly night in Australia, one that would kindle the interest of a designer from Bellroy to explore flipping that exact idea with a clearance rack puffer jacket, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. And guess what? it worked!

That jump-started the release of its subsequent cooler bags โ€“ the Cooler Tote and Cooler Candy. And itโ€™s an interesting release from the Australian B Corp, no doubt, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. At their core, these are bags designed to keep things cold. Theyโ€™re portable eskies. Americans know them as a cooler box, while New Zealanders refer to them as chilly bins.

Bellroy is a certified B Corp, which means they are at the forefront of the global movement for a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. They make recycled products out of plastic bottles and leather-free products. In a nutshell, they are concerned about the environment. So, it would makes perfect sense for them to release a product thatโ€™s made completely out of recyclable materials, and also sought to replace disposable plastic bags, particularly when used as grocery bags. Bellroy is hitting two birds, with one stone.

The Bellroy Cooler Tote is well-insulated, to ensure your ice or ice packs keep everything in the bag cool. It's perfect for boat days, beach days, river trips, camping, picnics, or bringing food to a friend's BBQ. The ergonomics and weight of this Cooler Tote is what sets it apart from the competitors in this space. Some competing bags are either too heavy or just don't fit right on your shoulder. This is lightweight solution which just so happens to be a joy and ease to carry about. Let's take a look.


1. The advent grocery shopper, who wants a trusty companion every time they make a trip to grocer.

2. For the occasional camper, whoโ€™s looking for a lightweight cooler that packs away when not in use.

3. For the nature enthusiasts that fancy picnics, and wants a durable and compact cooler for their beverage of choice.



The outershell of the tote is made of a pliable recycled fabric thatโ€™s available in 3 beautiful and distinct colour ways โ€“ Charcoal, Copper and True Blue. And because if its pliable nature, this tote is completely packable and is able to conform to any squishable shape one desires.

Forget rigid boxes. This tote saves space by compressing around your contents, and it can be folded or rolled up when itโ€™s empty and tucked into any suitcase or backpack of choice.

Thereโ€™s also an orange rubber Bellroy logo on the front. Itโ€™s understated, but it provides a nice pop of contrast.


The reinforced foam padding at the bottom gives an added peace of mind, protecting bottles from drops and shocks, and prevents thermal bridging from hot surfaces.


The company from Bells Beach have made claims regarding the interior of the bag being waterproof. And during my period of testing it, I fully concur. Seam-sealed and made from durable ripstop, this internal bladder prevents leaks, helping the puffer insulation stay cool.

Bellroy has apparently said that one could even use it to transport a goldfish. There are multiple videos on their social media showing them pouring a bottle of water into tote, without a single leak. Truly remarkable! The tote has a puffiness to it, and thatโ€™s because of the insulation, which is 3Mโ„ข Thinsulateโ„ข Insulation made with recycled materials. This is whatโ€™s keeping everything cool and it has the effect of making this bag very soft.


Bellroy utilizes zippers from renowned Japanese manufacturer, YKK, which is situated in the highlands of the Toyama Prefecture. They are entrusted internationally for their impeccable production standards and thorough quality control processes for their industrial grade zippers.

The zipper pull is an accented clay, sort of reddish brown colour. The pull itself has a heat shrink piece of plastic around the end making it easy to grab. The #8 YKK Aquaguard zippers are reverse coil and coated for water resistance. They are insured for a nice, satisfactory action.


The handle or shoulder strap is about an inch wide piece of webbing. Itโ€™s quite soft, thereโ€™s no rigidity to it. It feels nice in the hand. Thereโ€™s vertical stitching the length of the strap which creates a ribbed look. Bellroy nailed the length on these straps.

The long shoulder straps make shoulder carry a breeze, and the wide mouth opening lets you find that camembert without rummaging.


โ€ข 16L size fits upright wine bottles
โ€ข Foldable and compressible
โ€ข Seam-sealed waterproof interior lining
โ€ข 3Mโ„ข Thinsulateโ„ข Insulation made with recycled materials
โ€ข Padded bumpers on the base
โ€ข Water-resistant zipper with easy-grab pull cord
โ€ข Wide mouth opening for easy access
โ€ข Flat bottom lets it stand upright
โ€ข Leather free construction
โ€ข 3-year warranty



1. The recycled polyester insulation is able to keep things cold or chilled for up to five hours.

2. Itโ€™s the perfect height for transporting your favourite wine or champagne of choice.

3. Thereโ€™s a rigid base thatโ€™s double-padded for extra protection against the occasional bumps or drops.

4. The ripstop, waterproof lining can be easily wiped clean if a spill ever occurs.

5. Can be folded into a flat, square shape for ease of packing.


1. It lacks compartmentalization, which leads to the contents rummaging around freely in the main cavity.


This flexible tote might just be one of the best offerings of a versatile cooler out in the market right now. With its packable design and leak-proof assurance, itโ€™s definitely a win for the books for Bellroy. Itโ€™s remarkable at keeping the fruits or drinks cold or chilled, from picnics to road trips, then folds up flat to save on space, neat!

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